Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Day 2309 - Wordless Wednesday

Today I give you kangaroos at dawn

It's Skippy, the bush kangaroo.
Canberra is a great place to spot kangaroos. The Aussie "Bush Capital" is hopping mad with them. Veering off the bike paths and into the scrub had us hanging out with a bunch of roo families yesterday morning.

Hello Skippy!

Do you get roos near you?


  1. That's beautiful! We did see roos in the Canberra Botanic Gardens, late one afternoon....

  2. I see the roos of an evening (when walking) and on the road - definitely not something I'm happy about in front of my bonnet.
    I love them anyway. Took a dozen photos in Queensland of them lazing around.

  3. How lovely to see kangaroos with the twinkle of a city behind them! We are very lucky :

  4. We do get roos! We had one in our yard once! I never forget going out to the pine forest to take photos, and there were about 20, bounding alongside the car on a trail. Unbelievable. Scared the hell out me though.


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