Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 2310 - Suzanne Grae Microtwill Pants currently 30% off - Product Review

Need new pants for summer?

Suzanne Grae Microtwill Pants in long and cropped

A few weeks ago when we were at the coast I went to iron my old white pants and the damn iron did one of those rebellious black skids on them.  That'll teach me for ironing.

In a state of annoyance I flung the pants at the wall and declared I wouldn't be going out to dinner that night nor ironing or wearing pants ever again.

Actually, no. The tanty may well have been inside my own head.  In any case I had nothing to wear to dinner so Mum lent me her new microtwill pants from Suzanne Grae.

I'm glad the iron did a burnout on my old white pants. The moment I put the new pants on I felt good. More than good ... I felt "safe".

I fell in love.

An extended family photo with me up front in "the pants".

So I did what any strong, confident and independent Deep Fried woman of the world would do. I asked Mum to get me a pair.

Meetings, soccer mum and BBQs.

And then when they arrived and I wore them solidly for two weeks, I raced out and bought the same pants (only shorter) in black.

Lunch dates, mum stuff or work from home.

Why I love them

The fabric in these pants make me feel like I'm well "put together".  Everything feels firm in a reassuring way (as opposed to firm in a "I'm too big for these, get me outta here before my insides turn blue" kinda way).

For a start, they sit up above the hip which means the stomach is safely housed inside the pant.  No muffin tops allowed.

The fabric is a stretch microtwill which means they have enough give to make life comfortable while at the same time having enough firmness to keep all your bits and pieces together.

They're good for Deep Fried people like me. While they may not be in the height of fashion, you can wear them out, casually or in an office environment.  They're the type of pant you can take with you everywhere and know you'll be covered for any day time eventuality.

You can get the pants in cropped length (which comes to the knee on me but would go 3/4 for someone a bit shorter) or ankle length (which only comes to 3/4 on me).

They are a generous size which means I was able to get mine in a small (when in reality I tend to be more of a medium) and they are available in sizes XS through to XXL.

The ankle length pants come in black or white, while the cropped pants come in black white, khaki, taupe, silver (light grey), slate or navy.

Things to note

Anytime you are wearing white be sure to check out your rear view.  White is not kind on Deep Fried hail damaged buttocks.  These pants are comparatively good in that regard, but not quite as good as (say) a white jean.  I've been opting for slightly longer tops to ensure I've got coverage.

Regarding the black ones, while these pants don't necessarily attract lint (like so many dark fabrics do), they do seem to grab onto any spills or dirt.  So if you drop your aoili in your lap or walk behind a car driving down a dirt road, the pants will get dirty and no amount of rubbing, patting or dabbing will get them clean.  For some reason the black really makes the splotches stand out. They'll have to go straight into the wash.

Oh, and with this fabric you will need to give them a light iron.  The iron must be on low or you may end up with a nice stencil of your iron permanently pressed onto your butt.

Ready for client session.

Where and how much?  

You can get these pants either online or from your nearest Suzanne Grae store. They are normally priced at $49.95 a pair but right now they are 30% off bringing them down to $34.97.

On sale now! 

So if you need new pants for summer, now's a good time. 


  1. Must check them out- they look great on you!

  2. Good for you - you look great. I am a dress wearer, many cos of my big butt. I have stolen a pair of hip hop shorts (that Big Boi wears) that the kids decided they would never wear - they're comfy but my partner runs a commentary about my hommies and dog and so on when I wear I guess they may be a little unusual...

  3. It's always great finding a perfect pair of pants and you look great in them. After getting to my slimmest last year I've put on a few kilos and I haven't braved my white pants this year (although they are probably still OK) - you've motivated me.

  4. I bet they're sold out already now! You can't go past one of these stores for wardrobe basics on a budget. I have never owned white pants on account of having so many kids but they do look great!

  5. Do you know I don't have one pair of summer pants, but that might all change now! These look great on you. Of course, I could never wear white because I am such a mucky pup. Off to google my nearest store!

  6. They look fabulous on you but white and Nat do not mix

  7. Do they have pockets? I'm not sure if something that attracts spills is me-proof enough for me!

  8. I'm wearing a very similar pair of pants today! They are my go-to pants!

  9. Oh these look lovely Leanne. I don't have much white in my wardrobe as I seem unable to keep things clean! That said, I do have some white trainers that are in remarkably good shape. Probably because I don't do much training. Have a good weekend.

  10. You look fantastic. I need a whole new wardrobe, starting with pants but mainly due to excessive swelling in my arms and legs which has me hiding out at home in my comfy activewear right now.

  11. These look completely versatile. Unfortunately I am all shopped out thanks to our big holiday. But will definitely duck into Suzanne Grae to check them know, just in case...

  12. I've not been a pants kind of girl, but the idea of pants that are comfy and have enough pull to keep your bits together, sound worth trying :)


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