Saturday, February 13, 2016

Day 2312 - Cute Valentine's Day cards from Typo for all members of the family

Do you do Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Card from Typo - blank inside for your own message.

I actually don't get into Valentine's Day.  Well, sometimes I do.  I guess it just has to feel right rather than forced. You know?

But I decided to get into the spirit of things this year and grab a few cards to hand out to the fam.

Rather than get a bunch of soppy stuff, I went to Typo and found some fun cards. They don't actually refer to Valentine's Day at all and are blank inside for your own message. Which attracted me to them even more.  They're the type of cards you can give to people any time of the year.

They're perfect for kids, teens, hubsters and parents.  You can get 3 cards for $10 and there are a bunch to choose from.

Do you get into Valentine's Day?

Who will you be giving cards to?

Ever give Valentine's cards to your kids?

Happy Valentine's Day! 

x o x o x o x o 

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