Monday, February 15, 2016

Day 2314 - Walk your way to happiness

Need a happiness injection?
I love my morning walks. They make me happy. Even those mornings where everything hurts I still like to take a wander around the lake with my girl. She's the one urging me some days but I always feel better for it afterwards.

We walk for around 45-60 minutes a day at 6.00am and we cover around 20km a week. That's a pretty big investment.

Don't have that much time or energy?

As luck would have it you don't actually need that long.  According to Prevention Magazine Australia (Feb/Mar) you only need 60 minutes of walking each week to boost your happiness levels.  Yep, only an hour A WEEK!

Apparently a study of people aged 60-64 who walked an hour a week had greater mental well being than those who didn't walk at all.

Imagine how much mental well being an hour a day achieves!

So if you need a happiness injection, put your walking shoes on and see what it can do for you.

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