Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 2316 - The Achieve Beyond Home Business Network Canberra #CanberraBusiness

Let's have a cuppa and a chat. 

A few years back I used to host a small business network to help other people who were in the early stages of small business to network and share ideas.  It was fun and effective, but of course real life got in the way and networking took a back seat.

So this year with my 2016 mantra of "onward and upward" I've decided to relaunch the concept and have the first meeting of the "Achieve Beyond Home Business Network" tomorrow.

As someone who works from home, I know what it's like to be sitting alone for days on end. Networking with peers and masterminding with leaders is so important for a successful business but it's not always easy to tap into those networks when your desk is just metres from your bedroom. It's also tricky when you're trying to balance networking with family responsibilities.

I have enough home business based clients on the books to get quite a good group of inspiring and aspiring people together from a range of different industries. From consultants, to fellow coaches, to sports programs, to fashion, to writers, to health and wellness gurus and everything in between.

How awesome would it be if they all met each other!

It would be even more awesome if everyone was able to promote each other and perhaps even collaborate in some way.

I figured the Achieve Beyond Home Business Network would be a great way to share ideas, brainstorm, collaborate, share contacts, provide advice and work through challenges.

Plus it's a small group and I've made it fairly easy going and cheap (it only costs a cuppa and a piece of cake to pay the "rent" at whatever coffee shop we end up in).

I'm feeling pretty damn happy about it.

I can't wait for the first meeting tomorrow!

Do you know someone who works from home in their own business?

What sort of networking do you get involved in?

Would you like to share a piece of cake?

Note: At this stage the Achieve Beyond Home Business Network is only open to Achieve Beyond clients, however I plan to open it up to others in the near future. 

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