Saturday, February 20, 2016

Day 2319 - Buying a car fit for a teen

Have you ever had to buy a car in which a teen would be seen?

Teen: Does the car match my outfit?  Dad: Can I blue tooth Supertramp through these speakers?

Many many years ago, when Chelsea left school and entered the workforce, we offered her our Daewoo Leganza.  It was always our intention to give her our pre-loved vehicle while we went off and bought a "new" one.

It turns out she wasn't overly fussed about Daewoo Leganza's and declined our offer, so we ended up lending her money to buy the car of her choice which she obviously then had to pay for.  We sold the Leganza to our nephew (apparently boys aren't as fussy).

It's never been in our MO to go out and buy our kids a car.  We're happy to pass one down to them, or help them get a loan for one, but we're not the type of parents that hand things to our kids on a platter.

As our current teen learns to drive and nears closer and closer to her P's, we've been thinking about what to do for her. She'll need her independence in another couple of years which will probably include a vehicle. 

But what vehicle should she have?

I'm thinking that our 8 seater KIA Carnival or the big red Ford station wagon are going to have as much teen appeal as the Daewoo did. 

We've known that our big ol' red Ford station wagon has been due for an upgrade for a while.  We also know it's not the type of hand-me-down car a teen is ever going to go for.  So we've been starting to think about next steps.

Those next steps came quicker than expected when a neighbouring van barreled into the passenger side of the Ford rendering it a write-off.


(Insert Husband's sad face here.)

We need a new car.  Quickly.

This time around I suggested to the hubster that we lease a second hand car that both he and the teen would like to drive.  A car that has all the qualities they both wish for in a car. A car they could share. He would have it during the week, and she could have access it to it on the weekends.

Then when the lease is up in 2-3 years the teen can take out a loan to pay out the remainder of the lease (which would be minimal).  This would not only give her a car she loves and is used to (and is cheap), but a loan from a bank would help her gain a credit rating.

Good plan yeah?

We can then do the same for our boy in four years time.

Totally good plan.

I'm a genius.

Except, do you know how hard it is to get a "comfortable" almost-50 year old man and a very "current" and "stylish" 16 year old girl to agree on a car?

Yeah. It's impossible.

My facilitation skills have never been more needed than they have this past week.

So today we hit the car yards and finally they have started to agree on a colour, a shape, a size, as well as a few makes and models.

There's no car yet, but at least we're making some progress.

Have you ever had to buy a car in which a teen would be seen?

What are your plans re kids and cars?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I don't envy you the task of trying to find a car that suits Dad and your teenage daughter. Our teen is 15, so the car issue is edging closer for us too. Glad to hear you're making progress!

    1. It's not easy! LOL. We're slowly making progress though. Slowly ...
      Good luck with yours! 15 will become 16 very quickly!

  2. That is genius. Totally genius - glad they both went for it. I remember when my niece started driving and had lofty aspirations about what car she'd drive here in the UK, needless to say her dreams and my brother's budget were seriously mismatched. It was resolved when she saw the insurance prices :) Thanks for linking up to #pocolo

    1. Haha. Yes, we've been having similar eye opening discussions here! LOL.

    2. Haha. Yes, we've been having similar eye opening discussions here! LOL.

  3. I think with a flexible it is possible for both parents and teen to drive the same car.

  4. If possible, children and parents use the car will be fine :)

  5. I've just graduated from the university and I'm using my parents's car. My parents still use it, which mean we are driving a same car. Everything is just OK...Read more

  6. I think there's no problem when parents and their children use the same car. Thanks for your post, anyway.

  7. And luckily, they were agreed on the same car in the end


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