Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Day 2323 - A work junket at Swissotel Sydney

Fancy an afternoon by the pool?

Does schmoozing by the pool count as secret author business?

After a very shitty start to my day that involved lots of swearing, a few tears, a printer that almost went through a French door and a departure that was two hours late, I am now in Sydney on secret author business.

Actually, it's not that secret.  If it was secret I wouldn't be bragging blogging about it.  I'm here to get more books to my distributor while I keep the hubster company on his work trip.

Normally I head to the distributor while my daughter does model things, but given she's just started year 11 and is concentrating on school right now, those model things are not quite as frequent.

So when the man of the house said "I've got to go to Sydney for two nights to meet with clients", I replied "I'm in!" (Whether he wanted me to be or not.)

Given I've got the Canberra Show this weekend I couldn't give up real life for two nights. So while he flew up yesterday, I waited until today to drive.

The idea was to drive straight through to North Sydney, unload the Cheer Chick Charlie books, and head back to the hotel in time for a relaxing afternoon/evening and then get home in time to be a mum and set up for the Show tomorrow.

The two hour delay and a severe case of the f*&ckity f*&ckits meant the schmoozy afternoon was in jeopardy.

What to do, what to do?

There is only one thing to do.

Get up early for the Cheer Chick Charlie drop off and continue with the afternoon schmoozing idea.

Good idea!

Mission accomplished.

Schmoozing* by the pool has commenced.

The distributor can happen in the AM.

Hope you're having a fantastic almost-wordless-Wednesday. I know I am!

Anyone else wanted to throw a printer out a window recently?

Ever had a case of the f*&ckity f*&ckits?

How gorgeous is the pool at Swissotel?

*I have to be honest. The only schmoozing was done with the hubster. Which may not really be in keeping with the true definition of schmoozing. Or is it?


  1. ha ha I could do with a job like yours.

  2. Jealous! I could do with some of that poolside lazing. I have had too many effity effs lately :)

  3. Looks like you had a tough time.. not! :)


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