Friday, February 26, 2016

Day 2325 - The Argyle Bar in Sydney

I love it when you find new fun places to eat.

The Prawn Cocktail Bucket to share - $20
With my husband having to wine and dine clients this week in Sydney he'd done a bit of research into fun places to eat.

During his research he came across The Argyle in The Rocks area.

The Argyle is housed in one of Sydney's oldest buildings right next to the Harbour Bridge.  The Argyle Stores were built in the 1820s and this building has retained its historic structure, sandstone courtyard, high archway entrances and timber flooring and beams.

The place is huge!

A beautiful heritage building right in the heart of The Rocks precinct.
It boasts five bars over two levels which allows you to choose the atmosphere you're after on any particular evening.

We were able to listen to a very relaxed two man band while we wandered through, but there was also a DJ booth suspended from the ceiling which obviously meant the energy could be quite different come the weekend.

There are five bars at The Argyle making it easy to get a drink and order your meal

Regular entertainment across the week

The glass DJ booth suspended from the ceiling 

Apparently it's a bit of a Sydney hot spot and a favourite with both locals and visitors.

Given it's at The Rocks you could be forgiven for thinking it's too pricey for many.  I was delighted to discover that the food and drinks were very affordable with great pub meals costing around $15-$20.

Pizza Diavola - big enough for two people - $15

It's a place I would definitely like to go back to!

Have you ever been to The Argyle?

Do you get down to The Rocks area when in Sydney?

What great restaurant/bars have you visited lately?

You can eat inside or outside!
There's something for everyone.

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