Saturday, February 27, 2016

Day 2326 - Cheer Chick Charlie at the Royal Canberra Show #Canberra #PoCoLo

Today I have my author hat on ...

All set up and ready to promote my books at the Canberra Show
The Royal Canberra Show is held once a year and attracts around 100,000 people through the gates over the three days.

For the last three years I have set up my author tent and chatted with fans, taken a few photos, explained the books to parents, talked to teachers and signed a bunch of books. It's a great marketing and networking opportunity.  It makes good business sense.

I love it!

As part of my Cheer Chick Charlie stall I also coordinate 180 cheerleaders across the ten ACT based cheerleading squads to put on 2 one hour performances over the weekend.  Last year it drew a big crowd and a lot of interest in the sport, so I am hoping we'll manage to do the same this year.

This weekend you can see the cheerleaders performing today (Saturday) at 2.00pm and again tomorrow (Sunday) at 10.00am.  We are positioned near the Beer Garden at the Show Office Area (in the same performance area as the bird show).  For a Show program click here.

The Good Shepherd Primary School cheerleaders as part of the ACT Regional Cheerleading performance last year
Cheer Chick Charlie and the Cheer Chicks open and close the performance with Charlie hanging around to get photos with fans afterwards.

It's so much fun seeing your children's book character to come to life.

Charlie and the Cheer Chicks closing the performance in 2015

Author time with a Cheer Chick Charlie fan last year

As an author it's not enough to write the books then sit back and wait for magic to happen.  You've got to promote the books and just as importantly, you've got to promote yourself as the writer.  Especially if you're also in the business of publishing the books. Even more so when your plan is to create a recognised brand out of the series.

So today I have my author hat on ...

And my ACT Regional cheerleading hat on ...

Oh, and my business owner hat on ...

And I should probably also have a sun hat on ....

Happy Saturday!

What are you up to today?

For more information about the Cheer Chick Charlie series, click here.

For more information about me as an author click here.

For information about the Canberra Show click here.

For some blogs to read in the UK click the #PoCoLO pic below.

For a cup of tea and a biscuit, you'd better check your own kitchen.  

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  1. Oh that looks like fun! And what you have said is true! Publishing your book is only the first out of many steps forward! I am hopping on your other website to have a look at your books! Glad to have found you via #PoColo

    1. Hi Agent Spitback@ I look forward to reading your blog. Hope to see you again.

  2. Hope you had a great day - that's a fair few hats to be wearing :) Thanks for linking up to #pocolo


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