Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 2332 - Looking at the world from a different lens.

I think it might be time to change my glasses.

One of the first things I do when I'm coaching my clients is help them with perception and perspective.

I challenge them to view their situation from a different angle and help them shift mindset to take on board new information.

I encourage them to see the world from a different lens.

It's a shame I haven't applied that to my business.

I've been bumbling along on this Cheer Chick Charlie venture trying to market my books.  It's worked to a point, but then I hit brick walls.

I am trying desperately to get people to understand what Cheer Chick Charlie is, why I'm doing it, what she's about, where she's headed, why kids need her.

Kids get Charlie.  Charlie's a kid, so they're like-minded.

But to go bigger, adults are the ones I need to sign on.

For almost four years I've been looking at this whole author thing from the BOOK point of view. When in fact I should probably have swapped my glasses for a different set.

Maybe it's not the books I should be selling. Perhaps it's me!

Maybe this whole author thing is actually about the AUTHOR.

(Insert a dropping penny sound or flashing light bulb here.)

Huh.  Who would have thunk it.

So yeah, that is a very long way of saying that sometimes we need to look at the world from a different lens.  Not just when it comes to self awareness and mindset, but also when it comes to business strategies.

So this year I have put on a new set of glasses.

Instead of marketing Charlie, I'm shifting my focus to market myself instead.

A snippet of my new promotional flyer - with focus on the author.

From which lens are you viewing the world?

Could you do with a new set of glasses?

*  *  *  *  *  

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  1. If you ever want to brainstorm ideas for marketing, etc, I'm happy to help out. I'm honing my copywriting skills and constantly researching marketing methods (as I'm going to launch my own book in the next couple of months) so if you ever want a sounding board, feel free to let me know. But i think you are definitely on the right track in marketing yourself :)

    1. Thanks Kirsty!! Masterminding and brainstorming is always good. I'd love to hang out with you over a cuppa and shoot around some ideas. I wish we lived closer! Skype perhaps?

  2. Go you! Like most things in life, it's not the "thing" that makes a difference, it's the way we look at the "thing." Here's to choosing the best lens!

  3. This definitely gave me something to think about! Thanks

  4. Good luck - I think quite often it's the person behind the product that can make all the difference, and I'm sure you'll do well. Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo


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