Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 2338 - The Other Drink Bottle by Cotton On - Product of the week

I think I may have found my perfect drink bottle.
The Other Drink Bottle by Cotton On 
I haven't been one to by myself a drink bottle. I usually just take the kids cast-offs.  But I was shopping at Cotton On for my nephew's birthday recently and I saw their BPA Free 950ml drink bottles for only $5, so on a whim I bought one.

What I love about it:

I love to price.  As a scrooge the $5 price tag is really appealing.

The colour. I love how crystal clear and glass like it looks with just a touch of grey.  You can get it in grey, black, navy and pink.

The size.  It would be great to get a one litre bottle so you can keep tabs easily on how many litres of water you're drinking a day.  But alas I've never actually found a one litre bottle that seems easy to carry around. This one is close at 950ml.

The lid.  It has a hinged lid that is easy to pop up and back down again.  It also has a ring style handle that fits two fingers to make it easy to carry.

It's BPA free.  Which means it doesn't have that nasty plastic Bisphenol A chemical that many drink bottles have.

It's BPA free and has this handy finger handle to make it easy to carry.

What I worry about:

The price. How do they make it so cheap? Who's making these and what are they getting paid (thus the constant conflict I have as a scrooge).

The lid: Could you throw it in your handbag and know it won't leak? No.  The lid is secure but it's not so secure that I'd trust it rolling around in a bag.

The flip top lid makes it easy to open and close but may not be secure enough
to throw it in your handbag.

Anyway, all in all it's my new favourite product of the week.  I have been taking it everywhere and it's the first time in my life I've had a drink bottle that I have not only consciously chosen for myself, but that I am actually excited about!

I know, I know ... I don't get out much. 

Drink more water!

It's another way to help us all age positively. 


  1. Hey I too love this bottle. But now I cannot seem to find it online to purchase! I'm from Europe so would ship it in- any ideas where I might be able to find it?

  2. can I know where can I bought this item?


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