Saturday, March 12, 2016

Day 2340 - I don't mow lawns

When mowing the lawn becomes an international celebration ...

When I was at our little coastal cottage during the week and I'd finally typed THE END on the book, a back-to-reality jolt suggested I should mow the lawn.

I don't mow lawns.

It's right up there with ironing.  Leanne doesn't do that.

Not wanting to iron is a conscious "I don't like ironing" choice, whereas mowing the lawn has been more of a subconscious "that's somebody else's job" "there are other people willing to do it" scenario.

Anyway, given I was at the coast alone and given we could rent the cottage out at any moment to people who would expect a tidy garden, I needed to be a team player and cut the grass.

I pulled the mower out from the spider infested cavity under the house. I stared at it for an extended period of time then got on my haunches and inspected every button, pull cord and lever. After much contemplation and filling it with fuel (from a handy red fuel container that just happened to be nearby), I found my inner handy-woman and fired it up.

I then set about mowing the grass.

Back and forth and back and forth.  Exhilarating!

I must confess I didn't realise the throttle was the throttle until the mower had "stalled" three times and I had to do a restart.  I thought the throttle was actually giving me a choice as to how long or short I wanted the grass.  So as I tried to adjust the length I'd end up turning the bloody thing off.  After more contemplation and squinting to read the fine print (everything starts becoming fine print when you're Deep Fried like me) I worked out that this lever would actually help me rev like a boss and I finished the grass in no time.

Not without international fanfare though!

Leanne mowing the lawn is a fairly significant achievement.  Isn't it?

I took a video of myself mowing and zapped it to my bestie in the USA.  "Look, I'm mowing the lawn!"

"Um ... yes," she said."I can see that."

"Well I don't mow lawns."

"You've never mowed a lawn?"

"Well I wouldn't say never ... but this is the first time I've ever done it on my own."

I texted the Hubster.  I'm mowing the lawn!!!!! (Many exclamation points means much excitement.)

Good, was his reply.

Good?! Surely this event is more than just GOOD.  There should be an international day in honour of this momentous occasion.

The neighbours didn't even acknowledge my presence let alone give me a cheer.  I was having a "great job Leanne" moment but the rest of the world was just going about their business.What was momentous to me was just another menial chore to everyone else.


Let's call it a monumental menial moment of pride. 

Has there been a monumental menial moment of pride for you recently?


  1. I don't mow lawns either Leanne. Have NEVER done it! I do absolutely everything inside the house, so I leave the lawns to hubby. I still think he gets the better end of the deal!! Congratulations on your foray into mowing :-)

    1. LOL. We get more and more alike with every blog post Lyndall!

  2. Well done you! It's such an achievement to do something that you don't do. I don't put the bin out, when I do manage it, I never get a well done, thanks! Same with the dusting! Lol! Good Job!

  3. I've only ever mowed the lawn once and I was beyond pleased with myself as well. But no-one ever seemed to appreciate exactly how big an effort this was either. So I've resolved to never do it again. And that's why we still, somehow, find the money to outsource our lawn mowing!

  4. I only started mowing about 10 years ago. Now I love it :-) . Much better than vacuuming and the results last longer!!!

    1. Not sure I'll do it all the time ... but agree, lasts so much longer than that damn vacuuming

  5. Love it! I often find that any jobs that we do, even the ones we wouldn't normally do, go unnoticed. The eternal thankless tasks!
    Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo

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