Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 2344 - Nelligen NSW in pictures

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Nelligen NSW - a beautiful big tree under which to rest a weary mind.

Today I give you just a little snippet of a village called Nelligen at the foot of the Clyde Mountain, just outside of Bateman's Bay on the Kings Highway.

Nelligen is a river town and is known for its houseboats, lovely B&B's, camping and Clyde River Oysters.

Without wanting to sound morbid, it also happens to be where my grandparents are buried. While they never lived in Nelligen in my lifetime, it was the town they chose to lay to rest.

We drive through Nelligen whenever we head to the south coast, but we don't often stop.  Other than the occasional visit to the cemetery, we see it as a through-road.

When I was coming home from my author escape last week I took advantage of my independence and had lunch on the banks of the river.

A couple of eateries, a playground, park benches and a view.
Perfect for a peaceful lunch.

"Tranquil" is probably the only word to describe Nelligen, closely followed by "peaceful".

Happy almost-Wordless Wednesday! 


  1. I adore river towns with houseboats and the like. There's a place called Tumbulgum on the Tweed River that your photo's remind me of. I love it there! :-)

  2. I was thinking it definitely looks peaceful and relaxing, too. My son would love that playground :)

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  3. Looks wonderful. What a great view of the bridge from that bench seat.

  4. Such a lovely spot for lunchbreak Leanne

  5. It looks beautiful, and so peaceful. I can see why your Grandparents would want this to be their final resting place x

  6. I haven't been there , looks beautiful.

  7. Very pretty and peaceful!
    I hope you'll come by to share your photos!


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