Friday, March 18, 2016

Day 2346 - The Difference Between Dreams and Goals

Imagine if achieving our dreams was as easy as achieving a goal.

Last year a very enthusiastic little girl came racing up to me and screamed:

"I can't believe it! All my dreams have come true!"

Wow.  Imagine being able to say "all my dreams have come true."  

She was talking about wanting to be a cheerleader and then finding a squad, learning to stunt and finally making it to her first competition.  Her announcement came just after she finished performing for the first time.  It's the stuff stories are made of (literally). 

I was delighted.  What a glorious feeling to have your dreams come true.  Let alone ALL of them.

Perhaps all her dreams had come true.  The dreams of an eight year old who had been dreaming them for a whole six months are probably very significant.  

But it got me to thinking about dreams and goals.  

I have dreams.  My kids have dreams.  Together we are chipping away at our dreams one goal at a time.

It doesn't always feel like our dreams are coming true until we take stock of the many goals we're achieving to get where we are right now.  Which is further along the line that we were two years ago. 

But what's a dream really worth? A dream is just a dream unless we have goals.  

I'm afraid I have no idea who originally said this, but it's something we hear a lot. 
I read that the fundamental difference between a dream and a goal is that a dream is a vision, a hope an "imagine", whereas a goal is all about action, focus, hard work and did I mention action?  

People often poo poo the idea of dreams.  Dreams are for the airheads, space cadets and "gunna dos". Goals are the driving force behind success.

You often hear people proudly declare "I don't have dreams, I have goals!"  

Goals are very important in life for growth and positive forward movement.  There is no doubting that.  Without goals dreams do not come true. But aren't dreams important too?

I've noticed lately that not everybody has dreams. In fact the more I look the more I notice that the dreamers are definitely in the minority.

Where have all the dreamers gone?

So today as I think about goals versus dreams and reflect on my kids and their visions for this year (and on a gorgeous little girl whose life was complete at the age of eight) I wonder: 

Is it possible that dreams and goals aren't that different? 

That a dream is just a bloody big goal with a super exciting ending?

Are you a dreamer?

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one ... " (thanks John). 

Apologies for a very rambling post ... I'm a dreamer ... what Can I say. 


  1. I think people have dreams, but they often keep it to themselves as people make fun of them. And they do nothing about making it happen. Kanye (yep, more wisdom from Kanye) often talks about how you need to protect your dreams because people will ridicule you, and try to hold you back. You've got to remember that “We’re not always in the position that we want to be at. We’re constantly growing We’re constantly making mistakes. We’re constantly trying to express ourselves and actualize our dreams.” – Kanye West So step by step, you've got to keep aiming for them and don't let society or others tell you how to be or what's an acceptable life to aim for.

  2. I think or hope that my dream and my goal are one and the same at this moment, and that is all about writing a book. In the past it was only a dream, not so now...

  3. Wow, I had never contemplated the difference. I suppose I have both. Possibly I am more of a dreamer (I am a creative person) but I am also very practical and achieve goals daily. I am no closer to defining it that that. Great post.

  4. Agree that a dream is a just a bloody big goal.

  5. Goals are a boring dream :) Hard and fast rules demotivate me because my life had never been plannable.

  6. I love the quote and dreams inspire but goals change your life. I have scheduled it for Pinterest. I believe so much in having goals but there is nothing wrong with dreaming to run along side.

  7. I think dreams are what motivate your goals and what helps you when you reach a stumbling block in your goals. Dreams don't have the pressure of goals so are more enjoyable.

  8. I would like to think that the big, seemingly unobtainable goals are our dreams. We have a dream of travelling and being away from home for a significant period of time. Our goal is to take a family gap year in 2020 to travel the world. In this case the dream is also a big goal, something that we are determined to work towards. A very interesting "ramble" Leanne!

  9. I think if we only had goals life would be very boring - like living in an accounts ledger. A dream is a big picture thing. Goals are how you get there. Sort of like a big amazing event with a detailed to do list. It's all very well to have a to do list, but what's the point if you don't care about the final product? Great post.

  10. A dream is what I file away as a goal that is unattainable- for now :)

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