Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 2349 - Take control of your stress by breathing

Take a few deep cleansing breaths ...

A client/friend/colleague of mine has just started a new blog and on it she suggests five ways to quickly lift your mood.

Take a read as she gives great tips and the one about "holding your breath" is a technique I use often.

Now as she says, it's not about holding your breath until you turn blue, but rather it's about taking a deep cleansing breath to centre your thoughts, take back control and then blow out the anxieties.

This is a technique that is commonly used in yoga, mindfulness and general relaxation.

According to Redbook Magazine April 2016, a recent study shows that women who feel pressure and lack of control at work are 33% more likely to suffer a stroke. The article suggests that it's less about the actual challenges at work and more about how we react to those tense situations that impacts our health.

So to combat stress we can take a few deep cleansing breaths to relax our nervous system, making us less reactive to stressful circumstances.

So in the quest for ageing positively ladies, let's concentrate on our breathing.

We can take control of our stress by breathing through it.  

Happy Monday!   


  1. Great post, Leanne. I agree - deep breathing calms me down every time I need to. Thanks for the link to my blog, too!

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