Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 2353 - What do you do for Easter?

Church, Easter eggs, bilbies, bunnies, camping or a roast?

Easter means different things to different people.

When I was in the USA for Easter 23 years ago it was about decorating the house in Easter baskets, going to Church, dying real eggs and going to the mall to get a photo taken with the Easter Bunny.

When I met my husband I noticed that his Easter was a quick visit from the Easter Bunny, toasted sandwiches for lunch and life as normal over a long weekend.

My recollections of Easter as a child are of having extended family come together for Easter Sunday with church, the Easter Bunny and a cooked sit down lunch.

I know that for others Easter is a chance to go camping for a few days before winter sets in.

Some people pooh-pooh the Easter Bunny in Australia and prefer instead to celebrate an Easter Bilby.

Others don't focus on eggs at all but rather recognise the religious holiday for what it is which is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For us our Easter depends very much on who we're with and where we're at in life.  As with all our major holidays we're rarely (if ever) at home so it depends which family we're with as to how we celebrate.

This year we'll be with both families as we head to the coast to our little cottage.  Today will be a meal of Good Friday fish, followed by a weekend of coastal activities, with the Easter Bunny visiting Sunday morning and an extended family luncheon on Sunday.  The lunch will be a BBQ this year, not the traditional sit down roast.

Will we go to Church?  I'm not sure.  We might go to church, or we might head to the "oceanic temple" to reflect in our own thoughts, give our gratitudes and celebrate life and family.

What do you do for Easter?

What does Easter mean to you?


  1. That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. We're looking forward to some quiet family time with our little family today and then we will celebrate with my family tomorrow with a hot cooked lunch. Let's hope it's not 30 degrees. Happy Easter.

  2. What I can remember about Easter as a kid is being frustrated not understanding why there are so many days with the word "Easter" in them but only one is where you're allowed to eat the chocolate :) Actually, I still have no clue which is which day of Easter or why it moves. I'm going to call it a mystery of life.

  3. Have a lovely time at the coast! This year with my daughter still on crutches and not walking that much we will be staying at home. The Easter Bunny will be visiting and we will be dying some eggs later today in readiness for Sunday.

  4. We aren't religious so it's not a huge deal- a few eggs for fun and that's it. If I was to celebrate it- the pagan origins (well before JC) sound great!

  5. We grew up with the Easter bunny coming Sunday but I've moved it to good friday to get the crap out of the way...We see 2 famillies (Friday and Sunday) in all day affairs, and tomorrow we're having 50 people for a bbq, because my partner and I were a little lax on the invitational head count and everyone said yes! Eek!

  6. Easter simply means 4 days off for us! We're not religious and don't have any set traditions beyond eating chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.

  7. As a child it was eggs early on and then breakie wit the family. Lunch was spent with the extended family and more eggs.

  8. We don't really celebrate Easter. The kids received a couple of DVDs today and some chocolate to enjoy over the weekend and they'll get another bit of chocolate on Sunday. But other than that, it's just a beautiful, lazy long weekend for us!

  9. Sounds lovely! There's plenty to be found in the sanctuary of the ocean. We had a non-traditional Easter Sunday yumcha lunch at The Scholar in Dickson…#nomnom!

  10. Hope you had a lovely Easter. For us it usually means catching up with my parents in much the same way we would at Christmas. It normally means a family meal but no Easter bunny - we've never done that - perhaps because when we were growing up it wasn't such a big thing and we were in and out of church the whole time over Easter. This year Easter meant all of those family things and for me getting roped into helping mum do some flower arrangements for the church on Easter Sunday - neither of us are experts, purely beginners but our efforts didn't look too bad, though not sure we'll get asked back!! :) Thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo x


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