Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 2356 - I must Confess ...

Today's post is all about the confessions.

I must confess that I ate a Lindt bunny for breakfast yesterday and nothing but mini Cadbury eggs for dinner. In my defense I did have a big healthy(ish) BBQ lunch though.

I must confess that I have been back to Dr Google with the symptoms of swollen glands and an itchy neck.  Of course I'm now dying of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I must confess that my exercise and healthy eating regime has completely gone out the window this year with many kilos stacked on since my return from the USA in January.

I must confess that previous confession is not making me feel too good as we go into my husband's big 50th birthday party week and our trip to Aruba quickly approaches.

I must confess I am nervous about flying to Aruba next week.  It's a "rewards and recognition" style trip from the Hubsters company for him being such a clever sales rep.  They call it the "President's Club" and he's one of 250 employees being recognised from around the globe.  I mean, I'm not complaining of course, but I am nervous to be leaving the kids behind to fly into the Caribbean.

I must confess I am even more nervous now that I just heard about an American Airlines co-pilot who was found drunk as he got ready for his flight to the Caribbean.  We will be flying with American Airlines.

I must confess I am not looking forward to packing up from the coast today, cleaning the house and joining the queue of traffic that will be slowly heading back to Canberra.

I must confess I sound like an ungrateful wench.

I must confess I am getting a bit nervous about hosting the 50th birthday bash at our house next Saturday night and all that goes along with hosting a party.

I must confess I am whining a bit these days which I blame on the fibromyalgia relapse.

I must confess I am feeling much better this week than I did last week.

I must confess chocolate may actually be the happy drug they all say it is.

I must confess I am super happy to fork out hundreds of dollars for a caterer for the bash though.  First time we've ever done that but it definitely takes some of the stress away.

I must confess I am getting excited about wearing my 80s perm wig for the "Retro Basketball" themed party (in honour of the hubsters basketball past back in the 80s).

I must confess this itchy neck is driving me bonkers and I now have an ice pack on it.

I must confess the headache is starting to present itself from yesterday's chocolate diet.

I must confess I am still eating chocolate right this minute as I type.

I must confess I really dislike the words "might" and "maybe". They're bullshit words riddled with excuses the moment they are used.  "I might clean the car" or "maybe I'll go for a walk". BULLSHIT!! If you really intend to do either than say WILL and bloody well commit to it.  I think "might" and "maybe" should be removed from the vocab.

I must confess that one of my biggest strengths ... and one of my biggest weaknesses ... is my commitment.  I am very committed to commitment whether it still serves me well or not.

I must confess it's time for green tea and perhaps some cereal to wean myself off the chocolate.

I must confess this post was written in a rush and may not have any worth whatsoever.

I must confess I didn't even do a spelling or grammar check.

Happy Monday everyone!

What are you confessing today?

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  1. Haha I must confess I never proof read :)

  2. Now that is one confess and I love the one that you are still eating chocolate. Hope you feeling better and your fibro settles down for you.

  3. You must feel good after confessing all that.

  4. I love a good long list of confessions - I hope you feel better after getting all that off your chest Leanne!

  5. LOL great way to bring us up to date on all that's happening! I was going to ask "Where's Aruba" but now I know it's in the Caribbean. That sounds awesome!

  6. Bahabah I love you last one - no checking. Lets of confessions today. I bet you feel better.

  7. Love your little micro-confessions! I must confess I am jealous of your trip and am looking forward to seeing the pics of the party!!

  8. hahahaha I always forget to proof mine! Great post!

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    just in case !


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