Friday, April 1, 2016

Day 2360 - When opportunity comes knocking but you're not home to answer the door

There was a knock at the door, but nobody was home.

Have you ever had a big opportunity presented to you but you discovered it too late to follow it through?

Yesterday I woke up to some missed text messages from my daughter's agent.  Without going into too much detail, let's just say someone dropped out of a photo shoot for a major magazine in Sydney at the last minute (and I mean MAJOR) and late Wednesday night the magazine handpicked the model daughter to fill the spot.  Cause for celebration yeah?

Only problem was our phones were on silent (on account of us sleeping) so we didn't get notice until the next day at which point it was too late.

As you can imagine, there were a lot of crows in my head yesterday - #faaaaark.  I'm sure my daughter had a few flying around her head too.




Anyway, it got me to wondering about this whole "when opportunity knocks but no one's home" biz. It can be a serious kick-yourself kind of situation when you miss out on a deal because you quite simply weren't around to take the call.  Especially when you're out there trying to make dreams come true.

But does that mean you've got to stay by the door all day just in case?

As a success coach I know a little bit about success, including how to deal with lost opportunities.

Success leaves clues and there are certain things successful people have in common when stuff like this happens.

1.  Sensory Acuity 

One thing I've recognised is that successful people have pretty good sensory acuity.  When they hit an obstacle they don't fall in a heap or throw a tanty (or maybe they do and we just don't hear it). They stop, scratch their heads for a bit, take stock of the situation, adjust their approach and move forward with the confidence that a missed opportunity will present itself again in another way.

2. Know there is a reason for everything

Anthony Robbins did a study once into the beliefs of highly successful people and one of the beliefs that his successful clients all  had in common was that they believe "everything happens for a reason".  So rather than get caught up in the woulda/coulda/shoulda cycle or cry into the handkerchief of self doubt, they just know that there was a reason that particular element didn't work out and they feel safe in the knowledge that something bigger and better is just around the corner.

3.  Take responsibility

I know there are things that our out of our control, but there are also things that are within our control.  Like back up plans, other communication channels and a proactive approach to keeping networks open.  Have a "when I'm out please contact x x" procedure in place so that if opportunity does knock, the butler can open the door.

4.  Don't cry over spilled milk

Things don't always go to plan and sometimes things just get messy. Other times opportunity knocks and nobody's home to answer the door.  What can you do? There's no point crying over spilled milk or lost opportunities.

5.  Recognise there is still an opportunity within a lost opportunity.

Celebrate the fact that somebody came knocking at the door! Wow.  They know you exist, they know your strengths, they want what you have and best of all, they know where you live!

This week could have ended with a magazine feature.  But instead you're getting this "knock knock" post.

It is what it is and my girl is moving on safe in the knowledge that she is now appearing on the radar which is kinda cool.

When was the last time opportunity knocked at your house?

Were you there to open the door?

Does anyone know any good knock knock jokes?

*  *  *  *  *

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  1. Oh that's so frustrating, I totally agree with each of those 5 points. Rather than dwell on the missed opportunity, on the flip side, how awesome is it that your girl is on the radar? Good things are a-coming and when it comes, it will be the right thing!

  2. Oh no about your gorgeous daughter. They could have called me - lol. I believe everything happens for a reason too. When one door closes, another opens up nice and wide. Just believe in yourself and stay confident.

    1. I'll give them your number Natalie! For next time ...

  3. That's a real shame, she must feel disappointed!
    You know, point 2 really irks me. I hate that expression. We have had to deal with some awful setbacks and problems in the last decade, the vast majority that have been well out of our control like loss, being victims of crime and a few other really big hurdles. Still waiting for the bigger and better things around the corner- and the big stuff that happened? If that happened for a reason, I'd love to know what those reasons were exactly!
    Just my 2c worth- you made me think we'll before I'd had my first coffee!

    1. Yeah, I completely get that 2 cents stuff. I used to question it too. It would weigh me down. But not so much anymore. I have found in the last 10 years through our challenges (even the BIG health ones with our kids) that behind every challenge is an opportunity for growth and wisdom and an ability to help others facing similar challenges along the way. Maybe the "reason" is quite simply experience.

  4. What a disappointment. That bl**dy silent on the mobile has caught us out too. You turn it off for a very good reason then wish you never did!

    1. I can tell you one thing ... I turned the volume onto high last night (still left it in the kitchen though) but then of course got woken up with damn Twitter notifications. I think I'll go back to putting it on silent. LOL

    2. Be easier to turn off twitter notifications but still have the phone on ring lol ...

  5. Oh bummer! Back in my acting days this happened to me several times. I still cop it from family and friends for some huge missed opportunities in Aussie films and TV shows. However, BIG believer in opportunities and they do continue to come. Good luck!

    1. I love hearing this stuff from people who have "walked before us". I say "us" but I mean my daughter of course. While it's sad to hear about other people missing out on stuff too, it's good to know we're not alone.

  6. Great post Leanne and I love that you're able to take some 'lessons' out of the disappointment rather than dwell on it too (too) much.

    I have my iPhone set on 'do not disturb' for the evening and early morning with only a few 'favourites' added which are allowed through no matter what. Perhaps yours does that as well and you could add her agents numbers????

    Am sure something bigger and better will come along!

    1. Oh! I didn't know you could do that. I have a windows Nokia phone but I am totally going to check that option out. Wow. That would be a huge help. I did end up giving the agent our home phone number as well and also gave her permission to call any time day or night (although not sure how much longer we'll keep the home phone. It's only used by bloody sales reps.)

  7. Oh I bet that was REALLY frustrating - go you for seeing the positive of it! Not sure I'd be able to - then again my phone is rarely on silent!!! xx

  8. Leanne

    I agree that there are reasons and positives about things happening or us missing out on something in life. But, and it is a big one I am just not sure that they are always evident and sometimes it just truly sucks and it is totally ok to sit with that for a moment. I am still yet to understand the last 30yrs and even the professionals helping me make sense of it all shake their head ... I have to cling to the hope that there is something better and that is why I have been through it all.

  9. I count my missed opportunities, especially the ones (for one reason or another) have had to turn down as achievements. I think I have to. It was a pretty long list last year due to health issues.

  10. Oh that is a huge bummer. But more will come along - how awesome is it that they thought of her anyway!?

    I've had situations at work where people think I don't understand an issue because I'm not panicking about it. Nope. I get it, but a) unless someone will literally die I'm not going to stress and b) it doesn't get you anywhere with solving it!

  11. Oh know what a shame! But as they say everything happens for a reason and I'm sure an opportunity will come knocking again very soon. Just turn the sound on your phone up really loud!! x

  12. Interesting discussion started as a result of the 'missed message' Leanne!

  13. I always believe that for every lost opportunity there's one much bigger waiting x

  14. That's a shame, but what a great way to look at it. She didn't get to do the shoot, but now has the knowledge that she was wanted for it. I like that. I can only hope that I act that maturely if I miss out on a presented opportunity. Thanks - you've got me thinking.


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