Thursday, April 7, 2016

Day 2366 - Miami South Beach

Hello Miami! 

Early morning at the far south end of South Beach Miami 

I've never been to Miami before.  We drove by it 15 years ago on our way to the Florida Keys, but I've never actually been into the city.

I've seen it from a distance and wished I could take a wander within and yesterday that wish came true.

Yesterday we headed to the beach.  We got the cab to drop us off at the far south end of South Beach and we walked the board walk to the art deco district for breakfast.

The thing I noticed most about the beach is there are no waves. Zero. The water is as flat as a tack.

The other thing I noticed was that the sand is light in colour which makes for beautiful photos next to the aqua blue ocean.  The sand still doesn't hold a candle to the sand on the east coast of Australia though.  Miami sand is still fairly course in comparison.

Of course there are palm trees everywhere as you would expect.

The shopping and restaurant strip is gorgeous with pastel coloured buildings in traditional Miami art deco style.

There's an outdoor gym in a park next to the beach that attracts the beautiful bods similar to (but no where near as "muscly" as) Venice Beach in LA.

Miami appears to be a fit city with a bike and walking path system, a number of parks and the gym to encourage physical activity. We were out quite early in the day and there were many very fit looking people making good use of the running paths.

The council has provided pushbike hire stations up and down the beach at the very reasonable price of $4 an hour.  We took advantage of this after breakfast as we rode north along the bike paths to Miami main beach and back again.

While Miami has plenty of high-rises along its skyline it wasn't quite as congested or as "pumping" as I expected.  I was expecting more of a Gold Coast vibe but instead I got a more easy going Coolangatta feel.  Mind you we are here out of season so I guess come "spring break" and summer vacation time this energy would probably revert to a party vibe fairly quickly.

All in all Miami was lovely.  I'm happy I did it but don't necessarily feel the need to put it on my "must come back" list.  There are too many other coastal cities to get through first.

Gotta run! Got a plane to catch.  Aruba here we come ...

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