Sunday, April 10, 2016

Day 2369 - Aruba - the land of the lizard - The Lovin' Life Linky

What are you lovin' about life this week?

An iguana hanging out by the pool at the Ritz Carlton in Aruba - after his swim.
It's a no brainer that my life is pretty damn good right now.  I mean ... I'm in Aruba! What's not to love?

So of course I am enjoying loads of things, but what is fascinating me the most is the abundance of lizards.  Aruba could totally be re-christened "Lizard Island".

They're not your everyday brown lizard either. We're talking turquoise blue, lime green and the very majestic iguana.

These guys aren't shy.  Our first encounter with them was two iguanas chasing each other between our legs beside the pool on the day we arrived.  Yes I screamed.  It was all so very unexpected.

Since then there is much less screaming and a whole lot of marveling as I try and capture these guys in photo form.

Hell, my hubster even shared his lunch with one which is probably doing nothing to dampen their confidence.

One iguana in particular enjoys taking a dip in the hotel pool which is pretty spectacular to watch.  Here's a video of him hanging out after the big swim.

The turquoise lizard is the male of the species - as with so many animals the girls are boring brown.

"You can't see me, you can't see me" ... Um, yes we can Mr Green.

Today I give you the lovely Aruban lizards for this week's Lovin' Life Linky.

What are you lovin' about life this week?

If you're a blogger then feel free to link up a post that reflects what you're lovin' about life.  It could be a moment, a picture, a conversation, some food, a product, a dress, a hobby, an event, a place, a memory or a person - it's all about reminding ourselves what's good in our world. 

All bloggers are welcome! Fashion, food, beauty, business, personal, parenting ... whatever ...

If you're not a blogger then feel free to use the #lovinlifelinky hashtag to tag instagram photos or tweets about the things that are making you smile.  You can also click on some of the Lovin' Life links below and see what else is in the blogosphere.  You might be able to add a few sites to your reading list! So much to love ...


  1. Loving the lizard pics Leanne! I would have screamed at the first ones running between my legs too :-) Isn't the turquoise one is incredible? Enjoy the rest of your time in Aruba.

  2. You lost me at lizard(s)....I am not a fan. At all. Mind you, these guys look friendlier than the ones I 'fear' most goannas. I love the colours, not so much who is in them. Glad you are soaking up all the new experiences. Thanks for the linky! Denyse

  3. I definitely would have screamed too! Enjoy your holiday!

  4. That pool is SO BLUE. I'm not jealous :)

  5. Turquoise lizards, how pretty! (I would have screamed too, lol). I am lovin' all the makeup I got at 40% off from Priceline. I can't resist a good sale!


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