Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 2385 - The Death of a Music Icon - #Prince

Who is your music icon?

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing call life.  Electric word life. It means forever and that's a mighty long time. But I'm here to tell you, there's something else.  The after world."

My music idol was (and still is) Prince.

My first memories of Prince were in 1985 during his Purple Rain period.  I recall that he and Michael Jackson were both becoming popular at the same time, but while MJ was fairly big and brash (and somewhat commercial) in his delivery, Prince was quietly confident.

I was attracted to his music for sure, but mostly I was attracted to his enthusiasm and his passion for his art.

Over the years I recognised his love of music extended beyond his own success.  The power within him extended beyond him as he nurtured other artists and quietly wrote hit songs for others to sing.

 My first love was born from a mutual respect for the purple icon that I shared within a teen romance. His music actually brought us together.

It's safe to say that Prince played a fairly big role in my adolescence and beyond.  I didn't realise how open I was about my love for the music legend until last week.

I'll always remember where I was the day he died.  Mainly due to the outpouring of support I received from family and friends who reached out to me in the early hours of that morning.

I was in Singapore waking to a dawn that was two hours behind Australia.  As my son slept in the bed nearby I reached for my phone to quietly scroll through my messages.

First it was my daughter's message that jumped out at me, immediately followed by my step-daughter's and my mothers.  "I'm so sorry, Prince has died."  What?!?  There has to be a mistake. That was quickly followed by my bestie in the USA, a bestie in Australia and two cousins.  All of them knowing that Prince was my music idol and all of them knowing I'd be taking his death personally.  All of them reaching out to deliver the news personally given I was in a foreign country away from my normal press sources.

Then of course my Facebook feed was filled with people tagging me in tributes to purple music royalty.  I appreciate this because without it I was feeling lost as I missed out on my ability to mourn with the rest of Australia. Being in Singapore on a soccer tour, I was feeling very far removed from it all.

To be honest I didn't realise my love for Prince was so transparent.  I wasn't a raging fan with posters in my home or declarations of love on social media or long rambling purple-esque posts on my blog.  I guess my appreciation of him as an artist was a quiet appreciation, much like the man himself.

I was lucky to have seen him in concert twice.  Seeing him perform live cemented my connection with his him and his music.  This man who was energised beyond any performer I'd ever seen would push the boundaries and perform solidly and without a break for 2.5 hours.  Even his "breaks" would include a microphone backstage as he sang while he changed costumes leaving us all feeling like Prince had given us his all.

I had always quietly hoped that I'd meet him one day.  Not to take a selfie, nor to have a drink, or tour his home, but to simply shake his hand and say thanks.

Thanks for the music Prince.

Perhaps I'll shake your hand when I tour Paisley Park in heaven. 

Do you have a music icon?

Any other Prince fans out there?

Do you recall a celebrity death or significant moment in history where you'll always remember where you were when you heard the news?


  1. It's sad isn't it. So many greats have passed this year. I miss Severus Snape myself, and Bowie...

  2. Such a sad loss. Most of my music icons are long gone, most before I was even born so I never had to mourn them. It's been a shocking year for music.

  3. I really liked Prince too. Not my all time fave but I convinced hubby to go to the concert with me recently in Melbourne and it was AMAZING!! Such an entertainer!!

    1. My hubby was the same. I convinced him to go with me back in 2003 and he walked away saying it was the best he'd ever seen. Prince was a great entertainer.

  4. I'm both sad and grateful. Sad because his music played along with my childhood and teen years. Grateful for his genius. Its hard to comprehend the world without him. :(

  5. How lovely that your friends thought of you.
    I confess I never really listened to his music. Apart from When Doves Cry. I loved that song.

    1. I imagine they'll be playing his music a lot on the radio from here on in When Doves Cry will probably get some good air time


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