Friday, April 29, 2016

Day 2388 - Mumager Duties

We're back to Sydney again at short notice.

Tahlia Jane as seen in French publication - Kodd Magazine
Photographer: Natasha Killeen
MUA: Kelly Bowman
Stylist: Danielle Soglimbene
You couldn't be a Mumager working a standard 9-5 job for someone else.  The only way my girl gets these opportunities is because I am effectively a stay-at-home-mum with a couple of small business ventures that I can put on hold from time to time.

Take today for example.  Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is coming up and she's been called into town to put her best foot forward. It's a tough gig securing a casting, let alone a placement, so this is pretty special. Plus she had to meet her agent regarding international scouts.  These things are non-negotiable. Either get your arse to the Big Smoke, or miss out.

So we got our arses to the Big Smoke.

Thus is the life of a Mumager!

Apologies to any of my Achieve Beyond clients I had to postpone today.  I guess I'm here to help people's dreams come true ... which includes my kids!

Happy FriYAY.


  1. wow Leanne you are an amazing mum , your daughter is beautiful!! Tahlia will do very well with her looks and great family support

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