Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Day 2393 - My week in pictures

Hello Wordless Wednesday! 

The travelling hasn't stopped here in the land of Deep Fried Fruit.
This photo taken while window shopping in Kangaroo Valley last weekend.
Obviously I can't actually be wordless. This is me we're talking about.  I'm wordy ...

BUT I am making an attempt at being somewhat wordless by giving you my week in pictures.

So it started with more mumager travel to Sydney on Friday for castings and then continued into a trip to Kangaroo Valley for my cousin's 30th birthday celebrations.

Helping my cousin Trish buy her 30th birthday hat in Kangaroo Valley
We had a ball wandering through the Kangaroo Valley shops and eating pub grub at the local.

I then headed back to Sydney to hang out with an aunt and my cousins kids for a night before meeting up with two very cool WA based bloggers on Sunday for a meal and some shopping! 

Hanging out with The Fashionable Mum and Agent Mystery Case in Sydney

Monday I was back in Canberra doing a big catch up session in the home office doing all things author, blogger, mumager and success consultant.  Yes, it was the business equivalent of speed dating,

Doing my best to fit in a week's worth of work in a day.
I didn't really achieve greatness to be honest.
I love it when the door bell rings and I get goodies like this
I am looking forward to road testing the new Max Factor Marilyn Monroe range of lip colours.
Who doesn't love a splash of red on the lip?

Canberraville was short lived because we were back in the car on Tuesday heading to the Big Smoke for more castings and other model stuff like PR and familiarisation visits. 

A mumager has got to eat.
Lunch somewhere in the Centrepoint Westfield building
Being my daughter's +1 at the launch of Debenhams Australia
Follow her Instagram @tahliajan.e for the goss

Out and about in Sydney.
Wearing my new Esprit jeans ($25 on sale at Birkenhead Point) hand picked for me by my WA bloggy pals

A well deserved cocktail at the end of a busy day.
A pomegranate daiquiri at Ceru Restaurant at Pott's Point
A familiarisation junket for my girl where I was her +1 again

It's amazing how much can be packed into just a handful of days.  It doesn't go without sacrifice though.  Energy levels flagging today.  But I can't collapse yet.  More castings before we head home.

Happy not-even-close-to-being-a-wordless Wednesday.


  1. It was so lovely to meet you. Your week sounds a lot like mine. Non stop. I've crashed now and having a couple of days of forced bed rest.

    1. I hope your ankle is getting better Raych. I'm going to have my forced day of rest today. We just got word that we're due back in Sydney tomorrow. It just doesn't stop!

  2. Lots of travel for you recently! Mix of fun and commitments I guess. I haven't been interstate for years but must get my act into gear and plan a trip soon. (When I lose weight and am not paranoid about not fitting into aeroplane seats!)

    1. I can't wait to see you at Pro Blogger this year Deb.

  3. Those jeans and you are looking fab. Just need some of that red lippy to top it off :)


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