Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 2395 - What's all the fuss about Sunflower Seeds?

Need a snack, eat sunflower seeds.

For years I've heard that sunflower seeds make a good snack.

Seeds do not qualify as a snack.  Unless you're a bird.

Or do they?

With the model daughter deep in the throws of Fashion Week castings she's having to keep an eye on what she takes into her body, just to be sure she's working at peak performance.

This does not mean she's starving herself or anything crazy like that.  She's just looking after her money maker by taking in the healthiest food possible for good skin, hair and body health.

That means her current food intake is made up of a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, no processed foods, loads of water and plenty of juicing.

As a vegetarian her food options aren't quite as wide ranging as mine.  So when I'm packing her snacks I'm having to find options that not only satisfy her but also add to some of her essential nutrients.

Seeds and nuts are high on the agenda for the purposes of protein, fats and fibre.

With all this in mind. I thought I'd check out the nutritional benefits of sunflower seeds.

It turns out these little blighters are rich in polyunsaturated fats, which studies show could help melt belly fat. Well that's a bonus! Apparently it has something to do with mitochondria which is the energy factories of cells and which needs polyunsaturated fats to help burn flab (information source: Redbook Magazine May 2016).

It turns out that polyunsaturated fats help deal with hunger better than other fats too.  A bunch of nutritionists and scientists have done studies into this.  So sunflower seeds are good for weight loss. Not an issue for the model daughter, but a definite bonus for her ageing mumager.

Sunflower seeds are also high in Vitamin E, copper, B vitamins (thiamine, phosphorus, selenium and essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid).

They're also a good source of manganese which we need to form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting and sex hormones.  It's also important for stuff like metabolism, calcium absorption and blood sugar regulation.  Oh, and we kind of need it for brain and nerve function.

So that's all very interesting, isn't it?

Sunflower seeds not only help you lose weight (by eating like a bird) but they also help you with a bunch of other stuff too.

Happy Friday!

Wondering where I get all this fab information?  Well today it's from Redbook Magazine, May 2016 who have chatted to experts at Arizona State University, Ohio State University, Tufts University and a few dietitians. Plus I've also asked Dr Googs because he knows everything (whether it's actually true or not).


  1. I love reading your posts about nutrient rich foods, Leanne. Inspires me to add more things to my diet.

    SSG xxx

    1. You're welcome SSG! I love researching this stuff to help people feel good about ageing


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