Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 2396 - What Saturday looks like

Breathe ...

This tree in my backyard has only just realised it's autumn.
It's doing it's best to change colours.
I love that autumn is so late this year ...

I haven't been home much in the last five weeks or so.  In fact I've only been home for six days in the last 34.

While travel may seem all very glamorous and has components of relaxation, the being away from home bit can be incredibly exhausting.

Home doesn't stop.  It keeps going even when you're not there.  Which requires some management from afar.  It's no different than being away from work or school for an extended period.  Catch up is required when you return.

Which brings me to today.

As much as I would love to sit back with my feet on the couch there is stuff to do. I arrived home at 8.30pm last night and have had to hit the ground running. There's washing, folding, vacuuming, dusting, groceries, kids homework, client catch ups and this little thing called editing my book which is due out next month and is no where near completion due to the aforementioned travel.

Oh, and then there's soccer and Mothers Day and lovely things like that.

And blogging.

Which means my initial thoughts of relaxing with a cuppa and a magazine today aren't looking good.

With another trip to Sydney on Monday and the prospect of many more in the coming weeks, I think today I'll just concentrate on breathing.

Happy Saturday.

Don't forget to breathe ...

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  1. Hi I popped in from another blog. I read your mobile office post too. I have no answers re the power point. There must be mobile ones now that they are available for phones. I've been hardly home this weekend and know how you feel just from 2 days. The natural order of things is decay. Home life will decay if not maintained. It's physics I tell myself. Oh well. Tonight I will tidyup when I get home from work.


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