Monday, May 9, 2016

Day 2398 - The Travelling Office

The life of a mobile office ...

With all this travel to and from Sydney doing mumager things I am having to find spaces for me to conduct business.

I need a table, a chair, a chai, a toilet and (preferably) a power point.  Free WiFi is a bonus.

Last week I spent time in a pub, a motel room and the car. Previously it's been coffee shops, airports and a park.

Today I am sitting in McDonalds.

McDonalds is awesome because nobody seems to mind when you're hanging out for extended periods of time.

In coffee shops and pubs you can feel a little scrutinised because you're taking up valuable space which matters in smaller business.  So you've either got to keep eating and drinking in order to pay your rent or you need to stick to a shorter time frame.

McDonalds doesn't seem to care if you sit there all day sipping on one chai.  I guess they have such a big turnover that the dawdlers don't matter. Plus they give you free wifi.  And the toilets are clean.

The only thing missing for me right now is a power point.With my laptop only on 25% with another four hours of mumager waiting, I may be faced with a forced shut down.

The life of a mobile office can be tricky.

But at least I can be mobile, which for a mumager is a good thing.

Do you ever need a mobile office space?

Where are your favourite out-of-office spots to do work?

How can I get access to a power point?


  1. I wish I could have a travelling office, but I am stuck in my beige walled office every day :(
    You can get those portable chargers which are great for charging your phone on the go :)

    1. Yeah, the occasional McDonalds is probably better than constant beige. Do those chargers work for laptops too?


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