Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Day 2400 - My big 2400 celebration.

I've been blogging every day for 2400 days!

That's 2400 posts.

That's 2400 things to write about.

That's 2400 days of saying "I'm soooo blogging this".

That's 2400 useless bits of information floating around the inter-webs.

That's 2400 mornings where I've thought "who the hell's stupid idea was this?"

That's 2400 moments where I've cursed the movie "Julie and Julia".

That's 2400 days since I turned 40.

That's 2400 moments of me trying to make sense of this ageing business.

That's 2400 ways I've tried to help others age positively.

That's 2400 days where I have challenged myself to write even when I feel I've got nothing to write about.

That's 2400 moments of "putting myself out there" even when some days I feel like hiding.

That's 2400 times that I've hit the "publish" button.

That's 2400 reasons that I can call myself a writer.

That's 2400 days of watching my kids grow into amazing humans.

That's 2400 additional days of marriage to my life partner.

That's 2400 reasons to celebrate.

That's 2400 reasons I need more sleep.

That's 2400 days of getting older.

That's 2400 days I will never get back, but I do get to relive through the power of the written word.

Here's a little photographic summary of Deep Fried Fruit over the last 2400 days!  From my 40th birthday celebrations (the day the blog began) through to last weekend.  In my quest to defy the ageing process ... or embrace it ... or something ...

Thanks for being part of my journey! 

Afterthought:   Facebook came up with this summary a day after this post.  I thought it fitting so I've added it as an afterthought.  Note: Blog started in October 2009.


  1. Wow what an amazing accomplishment! So glad I could share in the 2400 journey with you all these years :)

    1. You've been with me for a long time Michelle, that's for sure. Thanks for being by my side.

  2. Happy 2400, Leanne! I've really enjoyed being part of the journey since close to when you began your blog.

    SSG xxx

    1. Thanks SSG! We will meet up face to face one day soon to cement this very long bloggy friendship we've created.

  3. What a glorious celebration you have shown here in words and pics. Congratulations Leanne you are a most prolific blogger and a wonderful way to look back at life since Day 1. Denyse xx

    1. Wow - prolific blogger - that sounds fancy! I'll take that. Thanks Denyse.

  4. What an achievement. Here's to another 2400 days.

  5. That's quite an achievement - on top of everything else you do! Thanks for sharing your life with us x

    1. Thanks Janet - the blogging actually keeps me sane to be honest. Except for when it's driving me insane of course.


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