Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 2411 - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - The Lovin' Life Linky

Deep Fried Fashion Fever 

Last week I got to experience my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

I use the term "experience" lightly.  I didn't actually get to see any of the runway events nor clap eyes on a designer nor step foot into Carriage Works.

But I did get to experience MBFWA through the eyes of a mumager aka taxi driver chauffeur.

Last week my model daughter made her MBFWA debut walking for We Are Handsome.

She's been waiting for two years to qualify from an age point of view.

The two weeks leading up to the event was a flurry of Canberra/Sydney trips for castings, call backs and fittings.

It started with phone calls from her agent advising that comp cards had been sent to all designers which progressed into calls that she had been put on hold for a particular label.  That then turned into casting calls.

The casting process was incredible.  Sitting in the car wearing my metaphorical chauffeur hat I would watch model after model enter the doors with their portfolio in hand and exit again just minutes later.

Some would take longer.  Some would take an hour or so and from my point of view I would hope that was good news.  That my daughter was being held back for measurements and fittings.  But really it was just because the models were all lined up inside and having to wait their turn to strut their stuff in front of the selection panels.

If you were lucky castings would then turn into call backs where they would narrow their selection down to a smaller group and make final decisions from there.

Then lots of nail chewing would ensue while you await the phone call.

I was sitting in a pub drinking Coke on the corner of Sydney's Oxford street when the agent phoned with the good news . The Coke was on account of the fact that it was now 4pm and we'd been on the road since 5am that morning.  I was getting the call because my daughter hadn't answered her phone as she was in another casting.

She'd booked We Are Handsome.

She was making her MBFWA runway debut.

That booking then turned into fittings which then of course turned into a call sheet for the big day.

MBFWA is now touted as THE global place for designers to show their resort wear lines.  It's so big that Oscar de la Renta showed his line at this year's event.

We Are Handsome are a swim and active wear label so being part of the active wear day was a perfect debut for my girl.

I wasn't lucky enough to get tickets because it's all very exclusive.  But through the powers of technology I was able to watch it via live stream.

Screen shot of my live stream viewing

So after I did the chauffeur thing at 6.30am I headed back to the hotel for the 10.30am viewing.  I had family and friends around the globe in front of their own computers ready to watch our girl step onto the Fashion Week runway for the first time.   I was alone in my room but not alone in my viewing.

She was amazing and of course I had tears.  This thing she's been working towards is happening.

Looking fierce! Tahlia Jane walking for We Are Handsome at MBFWA 2016

And that my friends is what I'm lovin' about life this week.

What are you lovin' about life right now?

Have you ever watched something via live stream?

Ever been to Fashion Week?

It's time for the Lovin' Life Linky.

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All bloggers are welcome! Fashion, food, beauty, business, personal, parenting ... whatever ...

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  1. Wow. Congrats all round. To you, mama and are helping you daughter to achieve dreams. I know she has had a tough few years too. My nephew's wife works for a glossy (cant say) but I did see loads of pics on her IG stream. Fashion may not be my thing but I admire those who follow dreams. D xx

    1. Thanks Denyse. Yet another milestone in this journey. And yes, a particular highlight given the surgery she had to ensure and the uncertainty with her big sister's health issues. A great big beacon of light! Thanks for joining the linky again this week. I always look forward to your posts.

  2. You must be so proud. What a fab start to a no doubt stellar career! I was in a restaurant and half of Fashion week were there and the women in the toilets were complaining about all the wedding dresses they had to wear...heh heh...

  3. What an amazing opportunity for her!! That's so exciting.

    1. It's been a big week. Back to reality and homework now though

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on her MBFWA debut! She looks stunning in your photos above!

    1. She was looking fierce. Which was the brief. Very proud.

  5. Very exciting for you all Leanne and she looks amazing. And fierce! Bummer you didn't get in there to see it live but great you could watch online!

    1. I know ... big bummer ... Oh well, time for me to start cutting those apron strings anyway I suppose. Live stream will have to do.

  6. She looks fabulous! How proud you must be. Very exciting, too! This week I'm Lovin' that I made a lol-worthy YouTube video. I'm not a YouTuber, I just made it for fun and because I wanted to. Yay!

    1. I loved seeing what shit you could buy for a dollar and other such You Tube worthy stuff. Go you!

  7. Big congrats to T, Leanne. She looks stunning and what an amazing label to debut with.

    SSG xxx

    1. I know! You were kinda part of the journey too SSG. So I'm glad you've seen the end result. Hopefully it will lead to more strips to Sydney.

  8. Your daughter looks like a natural.

    1. Yeah, she kinda does. She definitely belonged there.

  9. Just found your link up! Thanks!

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