Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day 2415 - NIVEA Lip Butter

A lip treatment that smells like dessert - what's not to love?

Recently the PR peeps sent me a couple of NIVEA Lip Butters to try, so I did what I often do and posted a photo of my haul on Instagram.

Within minutes the kids were in contact with me saying "mine, mine, mine".

The NIVEA Lip Butter is designed as a lip treatment and moisturiser.  Basically you use it to help sooth (or prevent) cracked and dry lips.  Which is a must in the cooler months - especially for those of us who live in Canberra-ville.

What I love the most about these is that they come in a round aluminium pillbox which is not only a novelty but it fits nicely into a pocket or handbag. It's also quite cute and could definitely be used as an additional little gift for someone.

I also love the fragrance.  I was given the coconut butter as well as the raspberry rose.  They smell divine and awaken the happy senses the moment you unscrew the lid.

They are very soothing and you feel as though you're getting immediate lip hydration.  Apparently the moisture lasts for 12 hours so there is no need to keep reapplying.

It seems these lip butters are good for both boys and girls.  Both of my kids were very interested in them with the coconut lip butter being the most popular in my family.

I guess they are a tad more expensive than the normal off the shelf lip balm, but for the novelty factor alone they're worth the extra dollar or two.

I'm a bit bummed that I haven't been able to find them on the shelves at my local supermarket yet, but they have only just been released so I guess I need to give it time.

Both lip butters are made up of a buttery formula that is enriched with Shea butter and almond oil. My lips felt super soft afterwards and had a very subtle gloss.

The NIVEA Raspberry Rose Lip Butter smells of raspberry and leaves lips feeling smooth with a silky type of gloss finish.

The NIVEA Coconut Lip Butter gives lips a tropical treat with a yummy coconut flavour.  My daughter loves this one because it matches her coconut body butter perfectly.  This one gives a clear nourishing gloss finish.

According to NIVEA skin expert Robyn Hutch*, "your lips are the only part on your body that have little to no sebaceous glands or sweat glands ... this means that our lips are more likely to dry out than other parts of the body and require daily care."

My son has major problems with lip dehydration.  We're constantly having to buy paw paw cream or use aloe lip balms to keep his lips from getting sore and cracking.  He's delighted to have now found another option! One that tastes and smells good too.

Both Lip Butters are around $4.99 AUD and can be found on shelves from May 2016 in Australia.  You can get them from selected pharmacies.

Another great beauty product to help us age positively! 

* Robyn Hutch has a background in pharmacology and eight years' experience with NIVEA.


  1. I love nivea I have been using their spf face cream for years! I have a bit of an addiction to lip butter and lip balms too as they seem to get lost in my bag so I have to keep buying more, well that's my excuse anyway :)

  2. I love lip balms and I happen to be using this coconut one presently! Lovely, isn't it!

  3. Love Nivea. I haven't seen this lip butter. Looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for linking up with me on the Life and Style Link Up. xo

  4. Oh these are nice, we have these in the Uk although I haven't seen the coconut flavour which sounds yummy. Popping over from #pocolo

  5. Yum! My lips tend to get very dry & I love balms - especially nice flavoured ones! Would love the coconut. #PoCoLo


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