Friday, May 27, 2016

Day 2416 - Acknowledging Exceptional Customer Service

When was the last time you got great customer service?

Recently I've had the pleasure of getting exceptional customer service.  The kind that has left me feeling cared for.

I'm not even sure "cared for" is the right term.  But I have walked away from a few businesses that have made me feel special.  Like my patronage really matters.

Good customer service is something that most businesses aim for.  It can mean the difference between succeeding and failing in such a competitive commercial environment.

I chatted briefly about customer service levels on Tuesday in my "Are you a people pleaser - get over it" post.

As consumers we expect a decent level of costumer focus.

Sometimes though you come across an employee or a business with such a keen customer focus that they can actually make your day.

Example one:

Take my hairdresser for example.  No matter how busy they are or whether they're pressed for time, my hair salon always takes the time to give me a very long gentle relaxing head massage at the wash basin.

Many hairdressers do it, but the difference between this massage and others I have experienced is that they give no indication that they've got to get it over with.

It's as though I'm the only person in the world they need to focus on that day.  It's as though the service I came for was the massage.  It's not done in a "I've gotta give this person a quick massage before I wash out the conditioner" kind of way. It's done in a "I want this person to feel relaxed and zen and cared for" way.

Example Two:

Then there's the waiter who served me every morning at my hotel in Aruba.  On the first day I asked him if they had green tea.  They did, but it wasn't out where we could help ourselves, he had to go and get it from the kitchen.

On the second day he came to me and asked if I'd like a green tea.  "Oh, yes thank you!" I responded in surprise.

Every day from that day onward someone would personally bring me a green tea without me having to raise a hand or even make eye contact.  Within minutes of me sitting down, the tea would be there.  Either my original waiter would do it, or he would have directed someone else to do it.  It was magic.

Example Three:

Just this week I went shopping in a well known department store to pick up a few bits and pieces. Including one of their lovely big vanilla scented candles.

As I walked from the registers towards the out door, the candle toppled off my pile of stuff and smashed on the floor.   Everyone turned to look of course.  I just stood there slack jawed working out what I should do next.

An employee came racing over and organised for the broken glass to be cleaned up quickly.  I didn't quite know what to do about my smashed candle so just thanked the guy and apologised profusely then started to walk out of the store.

Just then another employee from one of the registers came running over to me with a brand new vanilla scented candle.   I don't know how she knew which one I'd bought, or how she'd gotten her hands on another one so quickly, but she was now presenting me with a non-smashed candle.

"Oh! Thank you so much," I said, "I'm happy to pay for it. It was my fault."

"No, that's OK," she said, "These things happen."

Sure I can say the candles must be so cheap to make they're just giving them away.  But that's not the point.  The point is she went out of her way to make me feel better about being a clumsy numpty.

In all of these examples the employee didn't have to give me the level of attention that they did.  Any old head massage would do,  I was happy to go in search of green tea myself every day, I would have walked out without the candle knowing it was my fault it broke.

But they did.

They did give me a higher level of attention than I'd expected.

I've started to take note of these experiences and I remind myself to personally thank them for going above and beyond.

Too often we take these things for granted.  We see it as "they're just doing their job".  But with so much negativity in our world, it's nice to acknowledge people when they're going the extra mile to create positive experiences for others.

When was the last time you had great customer service?

Is there a business you want to give a shout out to?

Who do you want to thank for making your day?

To find out who the businesses are in my examples just click the links in the text above. 


  1. I was so proud of myself for taking my Fitbit on holiday and was so devastated when the charging cable broke, especially as it's quite new. I contacted Fitbit online support who were so helpful and arranged for a new cable to be sent express to where I was staying in the UK which arrived 36 hours after our online chat! How's that for service! Oh and that candle story was pure gold!

  2. Businesses that give such good service are usually the successful ones with loyal customers returning for more and more. If only all businesses behaved like the ones you described above!

  3. I had that waiter thing in Singapore, on the first day I may've eaten all the rambutans at the breakfast buffet - on the second day my coffee turned up with out me asking for it (short black) and the waiter said 'Do you want me to bring you the rambutans?' (In my defence, because of the time difference, I was the only person in there at 7am)

  4. I have hairdresser trust issues- and mine is fab. Never lets anyone else near my hair!

  5. Great stories!
    You can't beat fab customer service. I have had quite a few good experiences over the years.

  6. I've been feeling rather invisible and neglected in some of the stores I've been in lately. They seem too busy chatting between themselves to notice I need assistance and I have to break up their conversation about the weekend.

  7. How nice to get that great service and nice to notice. I wonder whether there would be more people in customer service roles who would 'go the extra mile' if only more people would bother to appreciate it. Gratitude goes a long way.

  8. I always spend more and frequent places more often when there is great customer service, I think it really pays off for companies that have caring staff like this :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog too - I'm familiar with Sash & Belle, I did a collaboration with them and a couple other bloggers a few weeks ago :)

  9. I think call centre operators who represent phone companies have it particularly tough! I love letting them know that they're doing a great job but then I also ask to speak to their supervisor or their shift manager to also let them know. I like it when we can focus on positive reinforcement. Sometimes we don't do it enough.


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