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Day 2422 - Colouring your regrowth at home

How to combine professional hair colouring with affordability.

Deep Fried hair colour twins
We are currently "medium brown"

It's no secret (and probably no surprise) that I dye my hair. I am Deep Fried after all.

I have a very significant grey skunk line suggesting that perhaps I have a very significant head of greys should I actually let it go its natural colour.

But my hair has not been its natural colour since I was a teenager.  I'm not about to start embracing my natural tones now.

I have to cover my regrowth every four weeks.  I don't know about you but I don't have the time to get to the hairdressers every four weeks, nor do I feel the family budget should be paying top dollar for the professional upkeep of my Deep Fried locks.

So I dye my own hair for three months and head to the hairdresser every fourth for a more thorough colour, balayage and cut.

How to get the best out of your hair dye (price and professionalism): 

1. Talk to the professionals and choose your colour

The best thing I ever did was talk to my hairdresser about my desire to colour my hair myself.  She knew it wasn't about taking business away from her, it was simply allowing me to manage my regrowth in between my visits.

So she helped me choose my colour by first viewing the selection from my preferred home kit range and she matched it in salon. This step is important. She did not choose the salon colour first and send me off to try and match it.  She did the matching.

If you don't yet have a preferred brand then ask the professionals for advice in this regard.  Note:  They're never going to be overly enthusiastic about the kits, but if you communicate properly they will understand the need to embrace it.

My preferred brand is Nice 'n Easy by Clairol.  I've tried others over the years but I always come back to this brand for its ease of application, its longevity and it's amazing conditioner.  I wish I could buy that conditioner on its own!

2.  Get your first colour done in salon

To make sure you get good coverage and a healthy start to your colouring, get it done in salon first.  When determining what look you'd like to achieve, have a think about how easy the upkeep will be.

I chose not to go down the path of highlights or foils because this would be very tricky for me to manage at home.  My hairdresser recommended balayage which is basically darker at the top and getting lighter as you progress to the ends.

This means I can handle my own regrowth easily.

3.   Buy your dye and find a friend.

Some people can handle their own regrowth easily.  Others find the process quite daunting.   The best solution to home hair care is "find a friend".

My bestie in the USA has a "hair share" friend who's been dying her hair for around twenty years.  They have their once a month catch up where they bring their kits to each others homes and have a beauty session.

My cousin used to have hair care parties where they'd all head to a friends house and sip wine while their dyes set.

I have my husband who actually shares my box of dye making it very affordable for both of us to keep our greys at bay.  I'm not overly impressed with buying the specific regrowth/touch-up options (you pay just as much, if not more, for less dye) so I grab a full box of dye and it is enough to do my regrowth and his full head.  As an added bonus we get to be colour tone twins.  We can usually get our dyes for around $12 a box and even cheaper when on sale.

4.  Find the right shampoo and conditioner to maintain your colour

I have read that some shampoos like clarifying or dandruff-fighting shampoos can strip way hair colour due to harsh chemicals such as sulphites.  So it's best to buy a colour preserving shampoo.

This obviously doesn't help stop the regrowth, but it does help keep the rest of your head looking fresh and vibrant.

As suggested above, the conditioner in the Nice 'n Easy range is fantastic.

5.  Be ready to fight the damage

Hair that is dyed will get a little damaged.  To change the hair pigment all hair dyes usually include hydrogen peroxide (whether they be in kit form or in salon) so it's important to moisturise the  hair and try to avoid lots of heat.

I use an intensive conditioning masque once a week plus I try to steer clean of unnecessary hair dryer and hot iron use.  My masque of choice is Pantene Intensive Hair Masque.

I only wash my hair every second or third day.  On normal hair wash days I wash my hair early in the morning and allow my hair to dry naturally.  I then only use the curling iron on a few random sections of my hair.  Obviously if I've got an event, or a big meeting, or something I'll do the whole product, dryer, curling, fluffing, teasing thing, but on a normal day I'll keep my styling minimal.

Every non-hair-wash-day I'll put my hair up to allow the natural oils to start to work their magic.

6. Return to the hairdresser to keep things on track.

After three months of doing my hair myself I head back to the hairdresser for some pampering. a haircut, a full head of dye, to get my balayage redone and to get the best damn head massage on the planet.

Being cost conscious and time savvy by doing your dye at home doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to salon pampering forever.  Definitely touch base with your stylist and confidant at least once a year to ensure your hair care is on track.  It's no different than your annual check up at the doctor or visit to the dentist.  Good hair health is a big part of ageing positively.

We've been Deep Fried hair colour twins for a long time
Back when we were "brown" (which is a darker more chocolate brown)

Do you dye your own hair?

Do you cover the greys or embrace them?

How do you manage your hair health?

Should we stick with medium brown or head back to the darker shade?

Editors note:  I was gifted the Clairol Nice n Easy Age Defy for the purposes of this post.  My preferred dye however is the original Clairol Nice n Easy range.  The Age Defy pictured above does not seem to "stick" to my hair and my greys started to reappear within a week.  I highly recommend Nice n Easy original dyes but I personally won't be using the Age Defy range again. 


  1. I dye my hair but go all sorts of colours, depending on my mood and what's on special at the supermarket - and so just use the dyes that wash out in 2-4 weeks (the right shampoo and conditioner is essential!) so there's no regrowth, I just redo. Figure the effort is the same, so just easier.

    1. I used to use them. They were super easy. But that was before I went grey! Then I discovered they just don't stick too well to grey hair (insert sad face here)

  2. I learned how to dye as a teen. My best tip is only go darker with home kits- leave the lightening to the professionals!

    1. Ah yes! Good tip. I remember trying to lighten my hair as a teen. Nobody needs that shade of orange ...

  3. I always have my hair done at the salon every 5-6 weeks. I have memories of feeling very light-headed DIYing it at home! So cute that you guys match!

  4. Your hair looks great! I'm not brave enough to colour mine at home. I get mine done at the hairdressers - once every 7 wks. I've pushed it out as far as I possibly can to save on $$'s!

    1. You obviously don't have the same grey regrowth that I have Min! LOL. I guess that's an advantage of you being lighter. My first grey hair appeared at 22. Damn.

  5. I haven't dyed my hair in years, but I did pick up a packet recently for a change. I think I need a haircut first because I haven't seen a hairdresser in...well I genuinely don't know how many years. Mostly because I'm not all that into hair - I just want it fuss free and don't have a preference on length or anything - but hairdressers expect me to. I can't even tell you what length I want it. It's kind of torture for me - I don't like having my hair brushed/head touched.

  6. I had my hair dyed once at home and will never do it again! I was going for light blonde but instead it went orange. So i head to the hairdresser every 12 weeks and get a combination of foils in that is disguising the gradual "ashing" of my hair. No huge grey patch as yet so it's still manageable for me but I may have to reconsider this when the greys start appearing in greater number!

  7. Now that I've gone brown I'm keen to dye my own hair on occasions to save money. As a blonde I wouldn't risk it - also I much preferred foiled / natural looks rather than a blanket blonde colour (cos of regrowth).

    I've actually just been to the hairdresser today but didn't think to ask her about options. I must have a look at what's available as it would be good to save money.

  8. You have a very understanding and good hairdresser! I love that she colour matches to your home dye colour rather than the other way around!

  9. You have a very understanding and good hairdresser! I love that she colour matches to your home dye colour rather than the other way around!

  10. I will look for that Pantene hair masque, after dyeing and straightening, my hair is a lot dryer. It needs a good drink. The last time I had it died, and I am getting a few greys, I went for a colour the same as the hair at the nape of neck, it is closer to my natural colour I have ever been. I haven't died my own hair for ages, the back of my bathroom door is still stained with my efforts! woops.

  11. I dye my own hair at home just because it's more convenient. But my hair is just boring dark brown and I usually colour it every 5 weeks or so when the greys appear!

  12. I used to dye my own hair - before I had kids but it just got so messy and high maintenance. I just go to the hairdresser's every 3 months. But now reading your post, maybe I should just look into doing a quick "top up" and doing more of an intense conditioning treatment. (I remember using a dye with a very famous brand once and my hair was dry like straw! Never again!)

  13. That is so cute that you and hubby are hair twins. I always dyed my own hair when I was red as it faded so fast in between salon visits. I think its so much more affordable to do a few months on your own and save the hairdresser for the big guns.


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