Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 2423 - A day on the couch

I've been benched!

Sometimes there's just no other thing for it but to curl up on the couch, hug a cup of tea, swallow some vitamins and watch a chick flick.

Of course this is me we're talking about so unless I'm completely bed ridden there will still be some to-do lists to get through and some online activity to be had.

I do have a book to revise, a website to finalise and a marketing presentation to complete BUT I will do the majority of it on the couch in my Ugg Boots.  So that's pretty close to a doona day in my books.

Welcome to cold and flu Friday.

Not so much a Friyay or a Friplay, but more of a Fristay today.

Have a great day. Stay well! 

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