Saturday, June 4, 2016

Day 2424 - Great new children's book character looking for an international deal #thenextbigthing

Any chance I could ask a favour?

I find it really difficult to promote my own book series.  In my head I see the really big picture.  I have all these feelings wrapped up in it and can see what it can become over and above a book series on a global scale.

Which is all very good from a vision and belief and "anything is possible" point of view.  Not so great when I'm trying to anchor myself to the here and now and simply pitch my series for international publication and a possible TV show.

OK, so this is where you come into it.

I have a really great hard cover look-book that I send out to various execs etc.  I needed to find a way to translate that look-book to video format for networking and promo purposes.

So I put this slide show together to try and give a feel for the Charlie story so far with a call to action for the future.

Basically the Cheer Chick Charlie series is now in bookshops across Australia and New Zealand and is becoming a nationally recognised series Down Under.  For me to fulfill my dreams of taking the series global and having a TV show I can no longer self publish and manage it on my own.  I need magic to happen in the form of an established publishing house and/or entertainment organisation.

This video takes 3 minutes.

I was hoping you might be able to watch it and tell me:

  • Does it help you to understand who Cheer Chick Charlie is?
  • Does the music add or subtract from the video?
  • Does Cheer Chick Charlie show potential as a brand?
  • What could I add (or subtract) to make it more on point?
  • Have you heard of Cheer Chick Charlie?
  • Do you know any international publishers or entertainment execs?
I know, I know - so many questions, so little time. I guess any comments (the good and the bad) would be appreciated.

If you are receiving this post via email you may need to head to the actual blog post to view the video.  You can email your comments back to leanne at leanne shea langdown dot com.

Thanks so much!

Have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. Leanne
    I have saved this to my reading list to show my twin 11yr old daughters in the morning. We haven't heard of your series and I try to keep my eye out for good strong Aussie books for my girls. Especially with Charlie or Charlotte in the title. My twins are Charlotte & Lillian and there are lots of books with Lilly or Lillian in the title not so many for Charlie (unless they are boy Charlie's).
    I will get back to you will some feedback tomorrow when they are up and I think I might have a name that you could at least put a feeler to in the tv show sense maybe I will check her bio and let you know.
    Very excited about discovering your series!

    1. That's awesome! I look forward to hearing what your girls think. How exciting to find another"Charlie"

  2. Hello! I think it looks really good. Only two things, I couldn't catch that whole synopsis slide at the beginning. Was a lot to read and didn't catch it all. Perhaps it could be split onto different slides. I liked the music but thought it was all over when the music stopped the first time over and scrolled... then the music started again. I know you have lots to say and heaps of fantastic points but if it was for time poor publishing exec you might be better condensing down to one round of music and then any additional points in your cover letter (if that's what goes with it). Looks great and I think the US market would gobble Cheer Chick Charlie up!

    1. Thanks Karin. That's really helpful. Thanks so much!

  3. I have heard of Cheer Chick Charlie - right here on the blog. I found the music a bit distracting by the end and some of the slides were text heavy so I had to really concentrate extra hard on reading with the music in the background. I loved the visual slides best - the quotes/feedback were great, but I think they might be better off on separate slides. Overall though, the video is a great introduction to Cheer Chick Charlie. Let's hope she gets picked up soon!


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