Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 2433 - Domesticity

I must confess, I am not a domestic goddess

It's a long weekend - the perfect excuse for a cooked breakfast

In my head my house is a display home.  I am one of those people who live in a white-walled house with white furniture and perfectly placed fashion forward accessories.

In my head there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  The family are all on board with this vision.  We live in harmony without clutter or hoarding or mess.

In my head my home is an IKEA display zone.

The reality of course is far less picturesque.

In my head we eat our meals at a perfectly set dining table which has a bunch of fresh flowers renewed each week.

The reality is that we eat at our kitchen bench and our dining table is used for posting and packaging for the family EBay stores and my Cheer Chick Charlie direct sales.

In my head my lounge room is a pristine well kept monochrome fashion statement.

The reality is that the couches are stained, the throws have threads pulled and the furniture is soooo ten years ago.

In my head the beds are made with fresh sheets every week and are dusted regularly with gorgeous detail in the doona/sheet combination.

The reality is I am lucky to wash the sheets every two months and my sheets matched a quilt cover I had five years ago and have no resemblance to the current doona whatsoever.

Every now and then I stamp my feet and demand some perfection in my home.  Like today.

Today I got half a dining table to eat my breakfast and read my book and sip my tea.

Today I am washing sheets and folding towels.

Today I am dusting sideboards and straightening cushions.

Today I am cleaning my desk and cleansing my emails.

Today I am going to have a house that is halfway to being the product of the domestic goddess I visualise myself to be.

Until I get too tired or think of an email I'm supposed to write or get too distracted by something sparkly and wander off in the other direction ...

Are you a domestic goddess?

Does your home look like the one you picture in your head?

Anyone else have bacon and eggs this morning? 

Anyone read the Patsy Kensit book? I do love a good autobiography. 

*   *   *   *   *

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  1. I call myself a domestic goddess but I am far cry from weekly sheet changes (aint nobody got time for that)! I have all these ideas during the week of what cupboard I'm going to tackle and organise and then the weekend comes along and whizzes past at lightening speed and then I'm back to work again and the cupboards are still a mess! I do find the TV and social media a massive distraction too but everyone needs some down time and chill out time and as the saying goes the dishes will still be there tomorrow lol :)

  2. When we first moved in I tried the domestic goddess roll, but now, I don't even pretend. I do clean but it certainly doesn't sparkle. There are way more exciting things I can think of to get sidetracked by, like googling random things.

  3. Sigh ... I feel ya. I also have a picture in my head of how the house SHOULD be, which is just as well because the reality if usually very different. It's hard being the only cleanie in a family of messies!

  4. We are so similar Leanne - I definitely have no display home here!

  5. I go through stages. When the girls were little and we entertained more, I would cook most things from scratch. These days, I cut corners and save time where I can.

  6. there is no point in having a nice clean, straight home until the kids leave!! The floor stays clean for five seconds and I have just given up on the bathroom!


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