Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 2435 - Packing for Vegas

In 24 hours I'll be on a flight to Sin City.

Remember how I asked for a new suitcase for Mothers Day?
Well that big grey one back there is my new suitcase and to help it "blend in" with my on-board Kate Hill suitcase I also got this cool Mary Poppins style bag in grey paisley with black trim.
Because bags that are all matchy matchy are important you know. 

Yep.  We're heading to Vegas.  Again.

It's a combination of my husband's mid-life crisis and the Licensing Expo.

Really? More Vegas?

I had no intention of heading to the Expo again this year because I feel we've learned all we can in that regard.  Plus we've done Vegas to death. But it seems that having a BIG BIRTHDAY makes men a little antsy and in need of more schoolies for adults. So here we go again ...

Not that I'm complaining.  Of course I'm not.  I'm not going to begrudge him his BIG BIRTHDAY wish. Nor am I going to begrudge the opportunity to hit 40+ degree temps.

So I'm doing what any Deep Fried woman would do.

I'm packing my bags and leaving space for plenty of shopping at the other end.

With the need for some extra suitcase space in mind, I do need to pack wisely.

I need to find ways to go from conference to pool and then out on the town without changing my outfit three times.

Here's my sample outfit guide for Vegas:

A pair of knee length Sussan Grae black pants and a fun Rockmans Fashion fringe top is a great base.
Add heels, a belt, a blazer (for air conditioned conference rooms) and jewellery for the Licensing Expo.
Throw the top on by itself over swimmers to get to the pool.
Put it all back together with jazzy flat sandals for a night time of walking up and down the strip. 

Maxi dresses in desert tones are a great way to take Las Vegas from meetings, to poolside cocktails to a show.
I picked up both of these maxi's from H&M.
Pair with a big tan tote, heels and black blazer for the conference.
Then throw one over swimmers and pair with sandals for the pool.
Add a big chunky statement necklace and add a clutch bag for evening.

Sleeveless blouses are essential in the mid-summer Vegas heat.
Choose tops that are light and draping to allow for maximum air flow.
Pair with either black knee length pants or white 3/4.
Going from white accessories to black accessories with different pant lengths completely changes the look of these outfits.
When conferencing always take a blazer because (a) it adds the professional touch and (b) the air conditioning is always on high.

Shoes, shoes, shoes.
We're going to Vegas for almost two weeks, but shoes are heavy to cart around so I have limited myself to 5 pairs.
You'll notice that all of these shoes are very well worn.  There's a lot of walking in Vegas so comfort is key.
The easiest way to ensure shoes for every occasion is to take a pair of heels and a pair of flats in both black and white.
Sneakers are also a good idea in case we head out for a walk in the desert or I decide to hit the gym.
Sneakers are also a good option for the flights.

There are a few other items not pictured here that ended up in the mix, but not many. You'll recall I did a similar post last year.

One thing is for sure, all this travel has turned me into a self professed packing champion.

We've travelled a lot this year.  We've probably gone overboard if the truth be known.  But having at least one get-away annually is important for avoiding default and a great way to age positively.

How are you at packing?

Have you been to Vegas?

If there was one thing you'd take to Vegas with you, what would it be?

I just realised I haven't packed a hat.  Better get onto that ...

*   *   *   *   *

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Have a great week!


  1. That's too many shoes!! Are you crazy? (or maybe that's why I'm not a fashion blogger!)

    1. Haha. This is my toned down collection of shoes. I'll probably come home with more ...

  2. Have an awesome time! I went to Las Vegas last year on my honeymoon and Mr P wants to go back for his 40th as well ... we'll see! Catch the bus down to old vegas and check out the swimming pool at the golden nugget (the Aussie casino) it has sharks swimming around it's pretty cool. They also have great shopping there at the outlet :)

    1. I haven't done the pool at the golden nugget before (although I have been down to Fremont Street). We've done the South Outlets plenty of times, but not the North. Time to do the North I think!

  3. We were in Vegas about 6 years ago, and I loved the shopping! I'd love to drive into Vegas from the desert at twilight to see the neon lights again. Enjoy your time away!

  4. Have been to Vegas a couple of times and enjoyed it - lots to see and do, cheap if you go during the week and shopping!! Oh and we got married there in 2007 so it holds a special significance :)

  5. I totally overpacked when we spent 5 weeks in the US in 2010 and as a result we ended up posting back a box-load of stuff at the end of our first 2 weeks in NY (at my companies expense of course, it was technically a work trip!). We still had to buy another suitcase when we hit Vegas though and started shopping in earnest so I like that you're being sensible about it, lol!

    Honestly, I didn't mind Vegas, but I'm not as enamoured of it as everyone I know seems to be. Probably has something to do with the fact we were only there for 3 days and I was sick most of the time. Having a head cold in 40+ degree heat was really not an enjoyable experience (damn you Niagara Falls and your spray followed by 5.5 hour flights in tiny tin cans!).

  6. So envious. Wish I was going with you. Love your matchy matchy approach to luggage.

  7. I just bought a Kate Hill bag today. And I was scoping the website and I may have a new love :)


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