Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day 2441 - The Pioneer Saloon, Goodsprings, Nevada

The watering hole in the desert.

If there's one thing I recommend you do when you visit Vegas it's leave.

Hire a car, drive south on the strip and just keep on going.

Not because Vegas is a bad place to be, but because you've got to experience the Nevada desert while you're there.

Whether it be Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam/Lake Mead or the Pioneer Saloon,take an excursion past the bright lights  to really get a feel for what a "freak of nature" this thriving resort city really is.

On this trip our trusty "tour guides" took us to a 100 year old saloon in Goodsprings, Nevada.

Just a thirty minute drive from the heart of the Las Vegas strip, the Pioneer Saloon, offers an experience that combines the wild west, with some historic mining heritage and even a dash of Hollywood.

Built in 1913 the Pioneer Saloon has become a historical landmark.

Seen in a number of movies and a bunch of TV shows, it's a favourite with Hollywood when it comes to recreating a wild west set.

With much of the original structure in place including stamped tin walls and ceiling, the 1913 built bar, an authentic 100 year old brass foot rail and even a few bullet holes in the door/walls, they say the saloon is one of the last of its kind still standing in the USA.

Made famous by the fact it was the spot Clarke Gable waited to hear the fate of his wife Caroline Lombard who had been involved in a plane crash in nearby mountains.  They say he spent three days drinking at that bar and that's where he heard the news that his wife of less than two years was found dead.  Tragic.

The saloon has been revamped in recent years with plenty of outdoor eating space and a few extra bars to cater for functions and big nights.  It has not lost its authenticity though with plenty of memorabilia within the walls to remind us of its history.

So if you're visiting Las Vegas make sure you ditch the razzle dazzle for a day, grab your keys and take a drive to experience some heritage.

To get to the Pioneer Saloon you're going to drive south on the I-15, take a right at Jean (just before the Gold Strike Hotel) and drive around 7 miles to Goodsprings. Don't blink or you might miss it.

Once you're there grab yourself a drink and a steak.

For more information check out their official website.


  1. This is the kind of adventure I associate with Vegas!!!!! Thank you for sharing your photos and I hope I can return there one day to do the same.

    Looks like an amazing trip so far.

    SSG xxx

  2. When I go back to the USA I'm going to hire a car this time, I was too chicken too last year but I think I'm much braver to drive on the other side of the road now!
    Looks like something out of a movie set with your red sports car so cool :)

  3. Wow, very spectacular. I'd like to visit USA soon.Nice wheels !
    I'll add it to my wish list.
    Thank you for linking up.

  4. When I had my 2 day visit to Vegas I took a guided bus tour out to Hoover Dam. I loved seeing the countryside and the land beyond the strip.

  5. Wow awesome. If I ever go to Vegas, I will take your advice!

  6. The happy hour beers are listed in red on the menu with about twelve or so to choose from as I recall with some decent choices. Looks like the LA venue have a nice little pub menu but we did not try any of that on this evening.

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