Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 2442 - A touch of Russia in Vegas - Red Square

Today I give you ... VODKA! 

I've been conferencing over at Mandalay Bay and at the end of another day of brain strain we headed into the casino to see what was on offer.

Our number one mission: Find the nearest happy hour.

As it turns out we ended up in Russia.

Or at least an American version of Russia.

Red Square is regarded as a premier dining, cocktail and night club destination.  Situated near the western end of Mandalay Bay (the closest exit is the west self-parking lot) it allows those of us who have never been behind the iron curtain to get a taste of Russia (infused with a bit of American of course).

I can't comment on the dinner menu nor the nightlife, but I can say that the staff are friendly, the appetizers are yummy and the vodka cocktails are well worth the visit.

The decor is great and the red glow inside the otherwise dark establishment gives a sense of mystery, class and (dare I say) fear.

The bar is quite novel with an ice panel from one end to the other featuring vodka bottles frozen into the top for effect.

They have two happy hours each night, the first from 4.00pm until 7.00pm and the other at 10.00pm.  Happy hour runs on selected drinks only with our session giving us slightly cheaper domestic beers and selected $11 cocktails (normally $18).

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