Friday, June 24, 2016

Day 2444 - The Marc Savard Show Vegas - Hypnotist comedian

Remember those "free" tickets I got?

We finally booked into the Marc Savard show with our "free" tickets.

Of course nothing is ever truly free and it did cost us $10 per ticket in booking fees plus $10 per ticket to upgrade to assigned front vision seating.

However, I am not complaining because without our "free" tickets (and the five hours of our life we'll never get back due to a time-share seminar) we probably wouldn't have experienced the hilarity and craziness of the Marc Savard show.

So how does this hypnosis stuff work?

First things first, Marc does not just drag people up randomly from the audience (phew!).  He asks for volunteers and you'll be surprised at just how many people will happily volunteer to get hypnotised.

Then he goes into a lot of detail about what hypnosis is and how it is perfectly safe.

From there he relaxes his volunteers and starts the hypnosis process.  Of the 20-30 or so people on the stage he then determines which people are going to be the best to work with based on their level of consciousness.  Those that "pass" stay on stage, those that don't get a tap on the shoulder and hand shake and they are sent back into the audience.

From there the hilarity begins.  He starts them off slowly with a bit of ball scratching and an Irish jig or two and the show progresses into all sorts of crazy, naughty and downright hilarious situations created simply by a touch of his hand and a command.

Warning: It does get risque by the end so if a scenario involving a blow up doll might offend you, then perhaps this isn't the show for you. 

Needless to say I did not volunteer.  For those that did, I applaud you! You were a hoot.

Volunteers do get a free ticket to return to the show another night so they can see what they missed, plus anyone can purchase a copy of the DVD.

The Marc Savard Show won the Best Comedy Show in Vegas award two years running (2014 and 2015) against 57 other shows that qualified in the comedy category.

It is held at the V Theatre in Planet Hollywood and runs 6 nights a week at 10pm. You have to be 18+ to see it. Friday is his dark night (yes, he gets a night off).  It's been running since 2007 so based on longevity alone you know it's a must-see.

You can head to his website for tickets or you can get them from the V Theatre Box Office.

Have you ever been to a hypnotist show?

Perhaps you've been to a hypnotherapy session for anxiety or addiction issues?

I'd love to know if you've ever been under somebody's hypnotic command. 


  1. I'm not big on Burlesque but I think I'd go to the Zombie Burlesque show (the sign behind you) - that sounds hilarious!! As for hypnotists? Look into my eyes, look into my eyes...

  2. I've never been hypnotised or seen a show - I'm kind of intrigued now :)

  3. I've never been hypnotised and don't think I would be susceptible to being hypnotised but having said that I'd love for someone to try and hypnotise me. Having said that I definitely wouldn't want a whole audience of people watching on and laughing at me if I were hypnotised however!

  4. I've never been to a live hypnotist show and I have to admit I find the ones I've seen on telly more cringe-worthy than funny. But I'm so pleased you got some value out of that whole experience Leanne!!!

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