Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Day 2448 - Homeward bound

Brought to you from Sydney airport ...

This post is short but sweet.  I just want to announce that we're home from Vegas and feeding our faces at the Virgin Lounge at Sydney airport.

As if our faces need feeding.  I mean, I guesstimate I brought home an extra 3kg worth of muffin top from the USA along with around half a kilo of cankles and perhaps and another half kilo of face fat.  Plus around a kilo in fluid from far too many cocktails.  

I'll let you do the math, but the bottom line is there will be a big focus on active wear starting tomorrow and probably some major lean green insta photos.

The flight home wasn't as smooth as we'd hoped.  We were delayed at Las Vegas airport by two hours, 90 minutes of which was spent on the tarmac waiting for permission to take off.  Watching the clock tick over in our countdown for our international connection was not the best fun I'd had in Sin City.

Luckily our international flight was also slightly delayed which meant we made it to the gate within two minutes of boarding.  

Of course my stomach is doing flip-flops right now at the prospect of seeing the kids. Twelve days is a long time between hugs.

Any minute now Miss Teen will be joining us at Virgin as she'll be flying from Sydney to Canberra with us today after a week of secret model business.  

Then when we touch down we might surprise Mr 12 by dragging him out of school early today.  We'll see how we go! 

Anyway, if you're interested in anything Vegas then be sure to flick through my last two weeks of posts.

If you're interested in travel generally then you can hit my Travel Page for some get-away inspo.

If you're just here to hang out and have a cuppa, then tell me:

What have you been up to while I've been away? 

Any news? 

Did I say this post would be short?  I lied. 


  1. So close to home :) I always miss my own bed, even if it's only a few days away.

  2. Vegas! FUN!! Glad you made it home safely. As you arrive home, I'm jetting out! We're off to Fiji as a family of 5! Eeeek! I expect a bit extra muffin top x

  3. I don't believe you have brought anything other than extra weight in shopping! You are still gorgeous. I always miss home regardless of where I am. No where is like home!

  4. Oh no I would be so stressed if my flight was delayed and I had to make a connecting flight! Glad you guys made it, and I'm assuming by now you are all home safe and well with the kids :) #teamIBOT

  5. Yay for being home! I've missed lots of your posts due to crazy life moments, but it's been nice seeing your photos.

  6. I bet you are glad to be home. Thanks for stopping by for Wordless Wednesday.

  7. nice to be home safely where you can regret leaving and plan for the next holiday

  8. Glad you are home...how cold is it? And just in time to vote. Lucky!!

  9. It's so stressful when you have connecting flights! Glad you are back safe and sound on Aussie soil x

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