Thursday, June 30, 2016

Day 2450 - Solitaire

I think I might be addicted to solitaire.

On a recent flight to Singapore I started playing solitaire on the in-flight entertainment system.  I found it hard to sleep because I kept going back to wanting to beat the deck.

As a non-gambler, non-addictive personality, I found this need to play cards quite amusing.

Recently I got myself a new phone and the first thing I did was download a solitaire app for all those times I'm sitting at school pick-up or hanging around the edges of a model shoot.

It turns out I am getting damn good at solitaire and was starting to wish that Vegas had solitaire so I could up the ante and throw some money at it.

Luckily they don't so I had to stick with playing the game on my phone without giving away the family home in the process.

Anyway, it got me to thinking about the ol' grey matter and whether or not solitaire might actually be a good way to keep the brain in good working order.

According to Dr Mike Dow, Psychotherapist and author of The Brain Fog Fix "playing card games where you have to find matching pairs or remember who's holding what will act as a workout for your short-term memory.  Solitaire helps too because you have to remember where all the cards are."

So there you have it. Many addictions are bad for you, but luckily my little sojourn into card play may actually be doing something to help keep my mind in good working order.  Which of course is bloody important in this whole ageing positively business.

So if you're feeling foggy, it might be time for a little rest and solitaire!

Who's with me?

Do you play solitaire?

What little games do you play to keep your brain active?

Any other apps you suggest I download? 

Quote sourced from Yours Magazine , Issue 57, March/April 2016


  1. I used to love solitaire - maybe I should restart it...

  2. I don't play Solitaire, but I play Taipei on my phone and it's a pre-sleep ritual for me!

  3. I was addicted to solitaire and spider solitaire (original Windows versions) when I was doing a job that required me to sit in a room by myself monitoring court recordings. Also love mah jongg!

  4. I find cards against humanity therapeutic. It gives you a good laughing workout.

  5. Haha! I avoid solitaire for the very fact that I get addicted to it! Tetris is another one I'm easily addicted to. And sudoku! Oooh, there's such a great feeling of accomplishment when I finish a sudoku!


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