Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 2453 - The Lovin' Life Linky - The Staying Warm edition

What are you lovin' about life this week?

A quick trip to the coast for the FIL birthday and to check in on our coastal cottage.
After spending twelve days in 40+ degree temps during our Vegas trip, it was a bit of a shock to return to the single digits in Canberraville.

My fibromyalgia doesn't love the cold.  Well, actually ... my fibromylgia loves the cold ... it comes out to party in the cold ... I guess the real issue here is that I just don't love my fibromyalgia.

Within hours of my arrival home last Tuesday my body went rigid with pain from my head to my feet.  It felt like rigor mortis  had set in.  The pain is more severe than any I have felt since my diagnosis ten years ago.

So I've spent the better part of last week finding ways to stay warm.

What I'm lovin' about life this week is that I have ready access to:

  • Central heating
  • Heat packs and a microwave
  • A hot tub
  • Warm bodies to cuddle
  • Winter clothes
  • Cups of tea
  • Blankets
  • A two hour drive to the coast to give me an extra 5 degrees
There are many people who don't have the ability to get warm.  As my body screams in pain I wonder how many others are experiencing similar pain without the comforts of home.

I am grateful that I have a life filled with people, belongings and shelter.

I am also grateful to have access to medical care which I will be tapping into this week to ensure it is still the fibromyalgia causing this top to toe pain and not something else at play.  

Clearly my move to a warmer climate is going to have to happen sooner rather than later.  We've said ten years, but I am starting to think that we'll do the bolt the moment our youngest has finished school.   

It's time for the Lovin' Life Linky.

What are you lovin' about life this week?

If you're a blogger then feel free to link up a post that reflects what you're lovin' about life.  It could be a moment, a picture, a conversation, some food, a product, a dress, a hobby, an event, a place, a memory or a person - it's all about reminding ourselves what's good in our world. 

All bloggers are welcome! Fashion, food, beauty, business, personal, parenting ... whatever ...

If you're not a blogger then feel free to use the #lovinlifelinky hashtag to tag instagram photos or tweets about the things that are making you smile.  You can also click on some of the Lovin' Life links below and see what else is in the blogosphere.  You might be able to add a few sites to your reading list! So much to love ...


  1. Sorry to hear you're in such pain Leanne - sending you big hugs! I've been enjoying lots of tea and hot chocolate this week too. Also thankful for the heat pack to warm the bed and alleviate some of my winter aches.Loving the winter warmer dishes of curry, goulash and lasagne too, finished off with a dash of chocolate. Think I need some more exercise to counteract the eating though!

  2. Oh no. I did wonder how your health might be once you returned to the cold. My hub has a number of chronic conditions including neuropathy and the cold makes things much worse for him. It's one reason we moved to the coast. However, consistent temperatures is what he needs and unfortunately this rental place air con broke down 3 weeks ago which has made life quite hard. The owners are replacing the whole system this week so we look forward to better days ahead. Pain sucks so I am glad you are getting Dr to check you out too. I am grateful for democracy today!!!

  3. You look beautiful! It's summer out here. I am loving the nice warm weather!

  4. Argh! I can only imagine how the stark difference in temperatures has affected you! I actually love winter and hate summer and it was one of the things I loved about living in Canberra!

    But - the cold can certainly exacerbate aches and pains so I hope you're feeling better.

  5. Oh no, that sounds horrible. I hope you got some relief from the pain, Leanne :)

  6. I hear you, Leanne! So excited to have finally gotten an electric blanket today. Also loving my thermals.

    SSG xxx

  7. After eleven years of living on the Gold Coast I had to relent and buy an electric blanket just to keep my back warm. Nothing worse than being cold and in pain.

  8. I hope you manage to stay relatively warm over the rest of winter!

  9. My husband has something undiagnosed...probably not fibro is the current thought but similar enough anyway. Even in a QLD/north Brisbane winter he get bad chillblains and the like. I'm so grateful we have a heater in our lounge - and a house small enough that we can push it to heat the bedroom too!

  10. Being cold is the worst. I'm sure people in properly cold climates scoff at my idea of "freezing" which is anything below 15 degrees in Adelaide but it's all relative when they're sweating and jumping into fountains when it's a balmy 25 degrees.

  11. Sorry to hear you are in pain and I hope you're on the mend soon xx

  12. Time to head for the sunshine! You gotta look after yourself. xo

  13. Stay warm and thank you for the link up! Take care,


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