Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 2455 - The Tea Cosy, The Rocks, Sydney

Where's your favourite tea spot?

The Tea Cosy, 33 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney

While in Sydney on mumager duties today I was wandering through The Rocks when I happened upon The Tea Cosy.

I saw the bright crocheted rugs from the other side of the street and while I'm not much into knitting, crochet or tea cosies, I was intrigued by this quaint little building and the lure of new teas to taste.

Plus they had a big ol' sign outside advertising scones ... and who can say no to scones?

 Well, I did actually. I said no to scones. I'd already had my early morning McDonalds chai and  macaroon on the way in, so I had to forego the scones on account of my new slightly healthier approach to life.  In other words, the muffin top is really causing me discomfort so I am taking baby steps to get rid of the bloody thing.

Anyway, back to the Tea Cosy ...

I wandered inside and found a lovely sense of being in one of my grandmother's homes.

There was a big dose of nanna in this place with scones, jams, loose leaf teas, crocheted rugs, woolen tea cosy's, knitted dolls, tea cups and saucers, as well as communal knitting baskets where you could pick up where someone else had left off.

Apparently they're best known for their scones which are baked fresh on the premises all day.

While I was there they were taking orders on the phone and from people walking in to order batches for collection later in the day.

Their menu includes traditional black teas, flavoured black teas, herbal teas, home-made iced teas,  coffee, hot drinks, cold drinks, devonshire tea and scones, scones and more scones.

They have jams for sale, tea cosy's, a lovely collection of teaspoons (of course) plus loose leaf teas you can buy.

The Tea Cosy can be found at 33 George Street, The Rocks, just around the corner from the south pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For more information click here. 

Once my girl was finished with her casting we wandered around the bridge for a bit before jumping in the car and heading back home again.

Where's your favourite tea spot?

Have you come across The Tea Cosy?

Do you own a Tea Cosy?

Does this place remind you of your nanna? 


  1. What a magical spot! I'll look out for it the next time I'm in town.

    SSG xxx

  2. OMG that is my kinda place! Love a bit of nanna! I could not forego the scones - muffin top or not. I adore scones! I will have to go to this place next time I visit my sister in Sydney. It's gorgeous! :-)

  3. That looks like such a cosy spot. Crochet blankets remind me of my gran.

  4. I must visit there . it sounds delightful.

  5. This reminds me about an old recipe for scones that my mum has stowed away in storage. It's a good a time as any to ask her to bring it out and make some for this weekend! Haha! Scones and tea party anybody!


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