Thursday, July 7, 2016

Day 2457 - My Go To Travel Clothes

What do you wear when flying?

As I get ready for another flight, I realise my whole "signature style" of jeans and jackets continues through to my winter air travel.

I'm not one of these people who wears trackies on a plane.  I tend to dress for either end rather than the on-board journey.  Which is obviously hard to do when you're going from single digit temps in Canberra to (say) hot as hell temps in Las Vegas.

Clearly it's all about the layers.

Given I'm of the "a quick game's a good game" mentality, and given I'm the master of time management, I don't like faffing about with changing clothes all day.  Which is one reason I don't exercise as much as I should.  I simply cannot stand the thought of getting out of my clothes into a new set.

Which even extends to nights where I am going out.  You'll note that when I dress, I often dress for the entire day.  Whatever that day may bring. Right through to any evening activities.

So it goes without saying that this extends to my travel attire.

For my recent trip to Vegas for example, I wore jeans, sandals, tank top, long sleeve roomy tee, scarf and jacket.  I then shed the tee, scarf and jacket for my summer arrival.  For the trip home I did it all in reverse, but switched the sandals for sneakers.

(Note: I do change into flight socks and slippers while on the flight.)

In Sydney on my way to Vegas - I'd already shed the jacket at this point.
In Sydney on my way home from Vegas - didn't need the scarf until I arrived in Canberra.
I look at my photos of our trip to the US for Christmas and it all looks very familiar! Where winter is involved, my signature style remains firmly in place.

Today I've pulled out the jeans, sneakers, tee, scarf and jacket again.   I'm off to the Gold Coast so there will be a layer or two to shed (here's hoping).

Besides your super-woman cape, what do you wear when you fly?

Do you dress for comfort on board or do you dress for either end? 


  1. Love your take on travel wear.

    Best of luck with the launch!

    SSG xxx

  2. You are a very stylish traveler! I am the opposite and dress for comfort .... leggings, comfy top, long cardi, scarf and flats is my go to travel outfit :)

  3. For long-haul, I try and dress for onboard comfort without looking too feral . . . my face will do a good enough job of that when I get to my destination.


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