Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 2458 - Garlic Kiss, Kirra

Garlic for brunch?

Pumpkin dukkah, with poached eggs, feta and rocket on sourdough.

If you said "do you want garlic for brunch" I'd probably frown at you in puzzlement.  Does one eat garlic at breakfast time?

Sure one does.  Especially if they head to Garlic Kiss at Kirra Beach.

One of my favourite parts of heading to the Gold Coast to do secret author business is the fact that I am with people who are totally into brunch.

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day.  I could eat like a pauper at night if it meant I could eat like a queen mid-morning.

I adore the south end of the Gold Coast around Tugun, Kirra, Bilinga  and Coolangatta. I especially love their eateries with views of the sand, ocean and the Gold Coast high rises in the distance.

So when my mum, aunt and I happened upon Garlic Kiss this morning, I was excited.

Mushroom bruschetta with poached eggs, Persian feta and basil pesto on sourdough
Haloumi and ajvar, with poached eggs, avocado, whole grilled garlic infused mushrooms on Turkish bread.

You know I'm not a foodie right?  Well, when it comes to brunch it's possible the tides might be turning.

I went for the pumpkin and dukkah brekky with garlic, Persian style feta, rocket, poached eggs and sourdough bread.

Of course I had to ask what dukkah was (an Egyptian spice in case you're a clueless non-foodie like me).

The menu was fantastic with so much to choose from.   Plus they had a blackboard specials menu just to make the decision harder.

There are so many great eateries to choose from along that stretch of road on Kirra Beach. Garlic Kiss is just one of them, but I would definitely head back again.

Kirra Beach is just across the road from Garlic Kiss
The rest of my day has been spent buying decorations for tomorrow's launch and setting up my author stall at the Aussie Gold International Cheer and Dance Championships at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.  We hadn't even set up the stall before the Charlie fans started to arrive looking for the books and some author signatures.  This is a good sign!

I can't wait to release Book 8 tomorrow. I'll keep you posted!

Have you been to Garlic Kiss?

Ever had garlic for breakfast?


  1. I haven't been to Garlic Kiss but it's gone on the list of places that I will have to try out. Good luck for your book launch tomorrow :)

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