Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 2466 - The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name

Imagine losing your name?

I was asked the question, if I was to lose my name, where would I look for it?  I suggested my handbag. Everything ends up in my handbag.

Who would ask me such a strange question?  Well Essentially Jess of course when she ran the competition to win a "Lost My Name" book.

I'd seen the "Lost My Name" ads on Facebook.  As an author I'm always interested in what other children's book authors are doing to create something different.

The "Lost My Name" collection is a personalised book created specifically for each child that takes kids on an adventure based on the letters of their name.


Needless to say by the photo up there I won the competition with my handbag answer and I am now the proud owner of "The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name" which includes a magical adventure based on the letter's L and O and L and A.

I bet you can't guess who it's for?

If you have a special little someone in your life that might like a personalised book, then checkout Lost My Name at

Written by David Cadji-Newby and Pedro Serapicos it's a delight!

Our little princess doesn't know about the book yet.  So don't go telling her ...  It's a surprise.



  1. What a great idea for a book. My girls would be too old for it now at 11 but would have been awesome when they were little!

  2. Ooh I hope she loves it, what a great idea. My handbag is like a black hole so I know what you mean!

  3. How lovely! Sub the O for I and I could give it to my daughter :)


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