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Day 2471 - Lego Bionicles #GIVEAWAY

Want some bionic in your life?

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Remember the bionic woman and the bionic man?  There are days I wish I was bionic. I mean I could get all big-headed and suggest that as a woman who wears a hundred different hats in a day without dropping any of them, that I am bionic ... or super human ... or something ... but the reality is I'm not. No matter how big my head, the hats wouldn't stay balanced anyway. Plus there's plenty of hat dropping ...

I love that kids get to feel super human.  That the world of kidnom allows them to escape into a world of super powers and bionicle strength.

Speaking of bionicle strength, did you know that LEGO BIONICLE is releasing a DVD for the first time?

LEGO Bionicle: The Journey to One, Volume 1 - released 21 July 2016

What is LEGO Bionicles you ask? Well if you've got a young boy in your house then you'll know it's a construction set by LEGO that allows kids to create their own bionic robot type creature, each of which has special powers in which to protect our world.

I guess it's been around for a while as Mr Twelve has a basket full of them in his cupboard from when he was around seven years old.  They are targeted at the 6-11 year age bracket.  My cousin's son LOVES them and it's an easy buy for him come birthday time.

There's a bunch of them (too many to count) but they all have really cool names like:

  • Uxar Creature of Jungle
  • Ketar Creature of Stone
  • Pohatu Uniter of Stone
Ketar, Creature of Stone

I guess there must be a few kids in the world who love them because Universal Home Entertainment and LEGO have partnered to put out a LEGO Bionicles DVD series!

I can hear the gasps of wonder and squeals of delight from young boys the world over. 

In fact, LEGO BIONICLE: The Journey to One, Volume 1 is available on DVD from today. TODAY! Well, isn't that a coincidence.

What's it about?  Well on the mystical island of Okoto, evil is on the rise as the quest to uncover the mighty Masks of Creation causes a stir between good and evil. Uh oh.  Who will prevail in this journey of danger, intrigue and excitement?  The Toa team, equipped with the new Mask of Unity, endeavour to find Okoto's ancient elemental creatures.  As it turns out, finding them may just be the easy part, training them however is another story.

*   *   *   *   *

LEGO Bionicle and Universal Home Entertainment have partnered with Deep Fried Fruit to give FIVE lucky readers the chance to win the LEGO Bionicle DVD in celebration of release day.

But wait, there's more ...

Winners will also receive a LEGO Bionicle toy - Ketar Creature of Stone valued at $15.95 (pictured above).


To enter, simply tell me, if you were a LEGO Bionicle, what would your Bionicle name be and why? 

Personally, I would choose, Leanne Wearer of Hats, or Mum Master of Juggling, or Wife Finder of Keys. I'm sure you're way more bionicle than I am. I can't wait to hear what Bionicle names you come up with.

Entries will close on Sunday 31 July at midnight with winners announced the following week.  You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter (#DFFBionicle), Deep Fried Instagram (#DFFBionicle), email (leanne at leanne shea langdown dot com) or text. You can enter as many times as you like and winning is based on answers.  Please provide contact details. If winners don't respond within three days there will be a redraw.  The Competition is open to Aussie residents only.

The LEGO Bionicle DVD will be available across all major retailers from today, 21 July 2016.  

The target market for LEGO Bionicle are boys aged 6-11.  The DVD is priced at $19.95 and runs for 54 minutes. It's family animation and rated PG with mild themes and animated violence.

The movie is directed by Nicolas-D Robitaille (Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D) and the script is written by Mark Palmer who also wrote Monster vs Aliens.


Let's get bionicle ... 


  1. MISTRESS OF MAYHEM; describes my life really.

    What fun thank you.


  2. MOTHER SUPERIOR works for me

  3. Creator of Chaos. I'd like to think I clean up the chaos but at the moment I suspect I'm a party to it...I need to lego of some stuff (see what I did there? geddit? geddit?) Sorry - only 1 coffee in...too early ;)

  4. Platinum Paula. According to the table of elements it sounds like I'm dense and unreactive but very precious.....with a gray/white transition *checks regrowth lolol

  5. Lego DVDs - man I still miss my Duplo from when I was a kid!

  6. E-Hawk, Collector of Words.
    Great comp - my little man would LOVE this prize! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  7. Master Five (who loves Lego & Bionicles) tells me he would be 'Master Bionicle' because he likes that name and it is powerful.

    (As I'm signed into google I think you can contact me through that ...)

  8. Sam, Creator of Cakes and Player of Words!

  9. Well I got called 'naughty mummy' by Mr 3 today but that doesn't sound very superhero-ish. So I would have to be Master Storyteller and Slayer of Bedtime Monsters!

  10. I'm pretty sure I've used The Opinionator: Writer of Things as a title before! I'll stick with that as I have nephews who'd adore this!

  11. Lego do the coolest things for all age groups now. Hmmm, due to current events in our house I would have to be Mum: Failure at the Hide.

  12. I am DenWISE...the matriarch of the Bionicles. My nearly 9 year old Grandson would think (again!) he has the coolest G-Ma if I won this for his upcoming birthday!

  13. Executive master of miscellaneous skills... as a mother I'm a master at needing to know just the right skill for the right time. Daycare needs cupcakes? No worries. Spilled your milk? No stress, I'll clean it. Had a toilet accident? Never fear? Got an owie? Let me kiss it better. Mama to the rescue!!

  14. the Exaggerator because there is nothing like a little bit of overstatement for drama effects in a quiet day to day life!

  15. Do it ALLLLL Danni.
    That about sums it up #life

  16. Eva THE EVANGALIST but I'd preach music, I'd sing my way to victory!

  17. Mum The Pancake Maker - because my kids always ask me to make them pancakes!

  18. The Keep Calm and Carry on-anatator! Bringer of piece, calmer of disagreements, and solver of problems!

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