Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 2475 - Getting side tracked by IKEA

Today's post comes from a land of adult LEGO.

On Saturday I took a wander through my local Myer store and got totally inspired by their home wares displays.

I've been feeling a bit glum when it comes to my home.  We have a beautiful home, but it is dated.  Things are falling apart and it doesn't feel "fresh".

I planted a seed in the hubster's brain a few months back that this year is the year of new carpet.  Ours is threadbare.  We're aiming for that purchase in around October ...

New carpet of course means I'll need to update the furniture in the family room.  Our furniture is around ten to twelve years old and it's looking very beaten up and stained.  It's the most used room and the furniture was cheap. No point in having fabulous floors if the stuff on top of it is shite! So I'll budget for that upgrade next year.

Anyway, it all means I've started to plan.

My first port of call is my home office area.  I must confess, I've been living in a hotch potch state of random bits and pieces.  I lack storage solutions and filing options. I don't think random is really conducive to great brain work and organisation.  So I've decided to really get some order into place.  Of the IKEA kind.

Yes, I've let things "pile up" and I need to take stock ...
 So yesterday the teen daughter and I headed to IKEA for some inspiration and came home with a car load of flat packs and a new sense of direction.

We also managed to pick up two half price dinner sets which cost us the crazy cheap sum of $15 each.  Which means I've been able to take all the random, chipped and mismatched crockery out of my cupboard and replace it with a lovely new set.

Unfortunately this trip also means that because I spent the afternoon putting my new shelves and cupboard together I wasn't writing the speech I have to give tomorrow nor preparing the PowerPoint presentation.  I've only known about the conference for SIX WHOLE MONTHS and yet I've done nothing. Eeek!

But putting IKEA stuff together is so much fun! Like adult LEGO. Well, the not-so-complicated stuff is at least ...

I can't wait to reveal my new improved office space to you.  It still needs a few finishing touches but I'll get those sorted in no time.

When was the last time you visited IKEA?

Where have you been getting your home inspo?

Could IKEA actually be adult LEGO?

*   *   *   *   *

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  1. Ikea is very dangerous for me - I go in for some batteries and come out with sheets, a dragon, glasses and salmon...and usually forget the batteries.

    1. LOL. Salmon? Oh yes, the cafe ... hahahaha ... I also came out with two pearing knives, two candles and a paper tape measure, plus a bunch of photos of my wish list.

  2. I'm that weird person who doesn't like Ikea. I feel like I'm trapped in a complicated over-priced maze. It makes me anxious. Related: not a Lego fan either. I've been trying to de-clutter and organise, too. Enjoy your new office space :)

  3. They are opening a new Ikea near ish me later this year. Currently it would cost me more in tolls and fuel than I would spend in store to visit Ikea, which my bank account is happy about.

  4. See I am not an IKEA person like Ness. I have a hub who build furniture for our needs and I am blessed. He is building a set of drawers with hutch as I type. He actually enjoys this a lot as he needs to be distracted from the inordinate amount of pain in his body so building/making is his thing. However, I am also not a jigsaw person so I could never put together anything. You did hopefully find that putting that together helped you consolidate what you wanted to speak about as that's often the way!

  5. Enjoy your new office space, Leanne! Can't wait to see the final vision.

    SSG xxx

  6. Good luck with the speech - hope the Ikea fun didn't set you back too much with your preparations for it :)
    Ikea does have the best storage solutions I find, but I'm always picking up a little something extra every time I visit, ha!

  7. I love going to Ikea but I get a bit overwhelmed with all of the products there are on offer. I'd like to replace our carpets with floorboards..eventually! ;)

  8. I always feel so smart that I "made it myself" whenever I put together something from Ikea, or the cat climber I recently bought from Crazy Sales. It's about the closest I'll ever get to any form of carpentry or cabinetry, LOL.

  9. I hope your speech and powerpoint presentation went well Leanne - at least you'll have a wonderful office space to work in now!!!


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