Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 2477 - Wordless Wednesday

Just a bunch of random stuff ...

Shopping for the new improved home office - this haul from Big W

Today I'm just giving you the bits and pieces. 

The jigsaw pieces that make up the picture of my life this week. 

Hope you can piece them together! 

There was baking

There was building

There was shopping

There was speech writing

There was organising
There was a conference
There was food preparation

There's been blogging

There's stuff to be won - click the pic to enter

And finally, there's a linky to join (click the pic to join)

That's my week in pictures.

How's your week going?

Happy Hump Day! 


  1. Big week. And now I want a sugar hit haha.

  2. Hmmm. Interesting puzzle. Things are growing and you're trying to keep them organized while still carrying on with day to day.

  3. I might need the recipe to what looks like lemon slice? We have an abundance of lemons on our tree at the moment.

  4. Busy week! Love your shopping hauls, you have great style )


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