Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 2480 - Brainstorming doodles

Does doodling help you think?

Today was spent in a Cheer Chick Charlie think tank.  I brought all the Cheer Chicks together and we drove to the coast to get a strategy in place for the next twelve months.  We're working out ways to further build the Cheer Chick Charlie brand.

What amazed me was the fact that all the girls were "doodling" while they contributed to the session.  Not just any doodling I might add.  They created big, bold, colourful pictures worthy of framing.

Do you doodle when you think?


  1. Definitely! I often joke that I think better with a pen in my hand. I also doodle when I am talking on the phone :-)

  2. I used to be a chronic doodler but now that I don't spend any time in meetings or on long phone calls, I have lost my doodle time!


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