Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 2485 - I'm giving it away ...

I feel as though I'm giving a lot away these days.

I'm obviously giving away quite a few prizes on the blog which is just fabulous. I'm not paying for this stuff to give away of course. The PR peeps organise it for me and they do all the postage and everything, so that's cool.

Plus there's the charity stuff and sending used items to good will.

And my time.  Giving away a lot of that too.

But I've also been "accidentally" giving a bunch of other stuff away too ...

First there was my book launch party a few weeks ago where I gave away food and prizes.  That was planned. But then I added up a big sale incorrectly and basically gave a visiting international cheerleading squad $200 worth of half price motivational products because I didn't use a calculator.

Then recently I ran a promotion on my Cheer Chick Charlie website offering Fan Club members 15% off every item in their cart, but there was a glitch in the coupon code set up and I ended up giving them $15 off every item in their cart.   There were a few VERY LUCKY Fan Club members that day.

Then there's our coastal property listed on Stayz where I allowed a booking to come through for the Christmas peak period assuming that the Stayz calculator had it sorted, but due to another "glitch" they got their week for the standard rate instead of the peak rate.  Merry Christmas to them.

So I've been thinking, with all this discounting and lost money, could I perhaps be in for a really big payout some time soon?

Do you think I've got good karma or juju coming my way?

Or should I just accept the losses?

I just feel like something big is about to happen.

Or I'm hoping ...

Or something.

Have you ever had money flying out the door due to "glitches in the system" (ie seriously bad maths)? 


  1. Being dyscalculaic, I always get someone to check my maths!

  2. Oh no that sux! Buy a lotto ticket sounds like you are due for a win!

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